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Kurt Röttgers prägte in seinen sozialphilosophischen Studien den Begriff des „kommunikativen Texts“. Der vorliegende Band nähert sich in Form von fünf Exkursionen und drei Zwischenspielen diesem Begriff und den damit verbundenen Implikationen für eine aktuelle, für eine postmoderne Sozialphilosophie. Der kommunikative Text erscheint dabei als eine Landschaft, als ein Gelände, das in Form einer „randonnée“ durchwandert wird. Die Wege sind verschlungen und führen nicht auf dem geraden Weg zum Ziel. Sie führen durch verschiedenste Landschaften und bieten überraschende Stand- und Sichtpunkte. Sie eröffnen damit Möglichkeitsräume einer post-modernen Sozialphilosophie.
Not only does this book detail the colonial experiences in Africa through what the author refers to as a ‘social construct,’ it also vehemently criticises modern African governments for their current corruption and maintenance of the continent's situation. This book presents a two-pronged analysis of Africa’s predicament by looking at the duality of ethics and identity. It tries to trace the problematic aspects of westernization and modernization within the contexts of neo-colonialism and continued exploitation of Africa by external forces, as well as the complicity of Africans themselves.
This series is discontinued

Post-Communist European Thought presents the range and strength of philosophy as practiced in the formerly communist countries of Europe.
Post-Communist European Thought is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series.
Post-Communist European Thought is co-sponsored by the Center for East European Dialogue and Development, Rochester Institute of Technology.
A Critical Horizons Book Series
The Social and Critical Theory Book Series provides a forum for the critical analysis of issues and debates within critical and social theories and the traditions through which these concerns are often voiced. The series is committed to publishing works that offer critical and insightful analyses of contemporary societies, as well as exploring the many dimensions of the human condition through which these critiques can be made.
Social and Critical Theory publishes works that stimulate new horizons of critical thought by actively promoting debate across established boundaries.
The Intellectual Legacies of Rudolf Bahro, Wolfgang Harich, and Robert Havemann
Rudolf Bahro, Wolfgang Harich and Robert Havemann were probably the best-known critics of the DDR’s ruling Socialist Unity Party. Yet they saw themselves as Marxists, and their demands extended far beyond a democratisation of real socialism. When environmental issues became more important in the West in the 1970s, the Party treated it as an ideological manoeuvre of the class enemy. The three dissidents saw things differently: they combined socialism and ecology, adopting a utopian perspective frowned upon by the state. In doing so, they created political concepts that were unique for the Eastern Bloc. Alexander Amberger introduces them, relates them to each other, and poses the question of their relevance then and now.