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Bildungsphilosophische Rekonstruktionen und erziehungswissenschaftliche Überlegungen
Ausgehend von der rekonstruktiven Frage, wie sich das Verhältnis von Glück und Pädagogik gestaltet, spürt der Band systematisch den Potenzialen nach, die eine Revitalisierung des Glückstopos für die Erziehungswissenschaft eröffnen kann. Als theoretischer Rückbezug dient der Capabilities Approach von Martha C. Nussbaum. Deutlich wird, dass weniger die Notwendigkeit einer neuen 'glücksorientierten Pädagogik' als vielmehr eine Diskussion darüber erforderlich zu sein scheint, dass die Pädagogik per se eine 'Pädagogik des Glücks' abbildet. Mögliche Weiterführungen dieses Gedankengangs werden auf aktuelle Bildungs- und Erziehungsverständnisse bezogen.
We believe the world needs more care. This volume seeks to describe theoretical, empirical, and phenomenological evidence toward creating a higher education environment that values excellence in its teaching, research, and service while at the same time ensuring that those involved in these endeavors are cared for. The primary purpose is to provide a state-of-the-art synthesis of the delicate balance between striving for excellence in higher education while at the same time exhibiting an ethic of care for all stakeholders involved. The second purpose is to honor the work and legacy of Jeffrey W. Cornett who embodied this balance during his long and successful career in higher education. Upon Dr. Cornett’s retirement, it is fitting to visit balance between care and excellence as multiple tensions push and pull on higher education – from innovative ideas, changing funding structures, and the corporatization of higher education. This volume will serve to inform all those invested in faculty development, student learning and administration in higher education from educational researchers, practitioners, and policymakers – with the most up-to-date understandings of how we can simultaneously strive for excellence in higher education and simultaneously ensure that those around us in this shared space are cared for.

Contributors are: Carolyne Ali-Khan, Richard Chant, Jeffrey W. Cornett, Daniel L. Dinsmore, Jerry Johnson, Dilek Kayaalp, Wanda Lastrapes, Madalina Tanase, Hope (Bess) E. Wilson and Brian Zoellner.
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The title concept ‘in-between’ (metaxu) refers to identity that remains in perpetual disjunction, dispersion and crisis. This book proves that ‘in-between’ is not an empty space, but a productive mode of creating new qualities, experiences, ideas and representations. The authors of individual chapters interpret selected aspects of metaxu in relevant to contemporary cultural communication areas, i.e. linguistic and more broadly semiotic, and make contemporary discourses the object of exploration. Most of the analyses are based on the Polish-language linguistic context; however, they refer to a universal perspective of culture and communication.
Arguments for Transformative Left Politics in South Africa
South Africa was the hope of the world. It had an impressive and rich tradition of left politics. At the heart of post-apartheid democracy-making was a revolutionary nationalist ANC, the oldest Communist Party in Africa, the SACP, and one of the most militant labour union federations in the world, COSATU. Yet, South Africa is at a crossroads and many are deeply concerned about its future. This book explains through a political economy/ecology analysis why and how the degeneration of national liberation politics has happened, while making praxis-centered arguments for a new transformative left politics.