In: Nature as Limit
James Fontini
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My deepest gratitude goes unreservedly to my parents.

The support of Alexander García Düttmann in the undertaking of this project cannot be overstated, nor can my thanks for this support. His careful reading and commentary has been exceptional. Beyond this, his unquestioning understanding of the fluctuating material and personal circumstances that have marked this undertaking has provided a constant reassurance that has led to its conclusion. His will serve as a model of supervision should I have this chance in future. Here I also thank the Universität der Künste Berlin for providing the venue for this project, including the always-helpful bureaucratic arm of Bildende Kunst. I am further grateful to the participants of the doctoral colloquium at the Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Ästhetik, which has been an important point of thoughtful engagement over the years.

I thank Ian James whose support and encouragement of this project extends back beyond his official involvement.

I reserve special thanks for Timothy Lavenz, who has been an invaluable part of this project from its inception, from early conversations dating back to at least 2016 to the final editorial phases. The final version of this essay is born of his thoughtful criticism and meticulous editorial assistance.

For the appearance of this essay in book form I thank Wilhelm Fink Verlag. Special thanks goes to Andreas Knop for his support and understanding from the beginning. I thank William McNeill for his careful reading and feedback. Thomas Sheehan and Jeff Malpas have been generous in their correspondence.

For the beautiful cover image I thank Marina Daniel.

For their interlocution and support I thank: Mark, Will, Neele, Blake, and Pinar. The encouragement of David Nowell Smith played an important role in getting this project off the ground. I also thank Christopher Fynsk. There are many others who have given time and consideration to me throughout this endeavor. If you are reading this, know that this has not been forgotten.

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Nature as Limit

Prolegomena to Ecological Thinking in Heidegger