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This book could not have been completed without the financial support of two institutions: the University of Wrocław and Narodowe Centrum Nauki (National Centre for Science). The ncn grant (2011/03/B/HS2/02320) and an internal scholarship enabled me to conduct research at the British Library and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, to purchase books, and to attend international conferences which became an opportunity for me to share and discuss my findings with specialists around the world. A semester-long study leave in 2015–2016 helped me to edit and put the final touches to the manuscript. My thanks thus also go to all my colleagues at the University of Wrocław, and especially to Maja Pawłowska, for her ongoing support and encouragement. I am also particularly indebted to the librarian of the Institute of Romance Studies, Urszula Iżycka, who, overcoming financial constraints, procured several sources necessary for the book’s completion. I would like to thank Adam Pawłowski and Kiril Feferman, who both had the kindness and patience to read and comment upon the manuscript, while Kiril provided me with invaluable advice on various aspects of Soviet life and the Great Fatherland War. Likewise, I wish to thank Irina Sandomirskaya who dissolved my doubts regarding some aspects of Lydia Ginzburg’s work, and to Adrienne Harris and Julie Hansen, who both kindly shared their work with me. I would also like to express my gratitude to my friend and colleague, Gavin Bowd, for helping with research and for inciting me to persevere in moments where strength was wanting. Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge the moral support of my family, and especially of my son Max, who proved to be a model of patience and understanding.

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