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This book could not have been written without the help of many people. My thanks go first to Professors Jennifer L. Smith and Elliott Moreton, who guided me in my initial exploration of second language Chinese tones and gave me a fresh perspective on how to approach my research. I would also like to thank my colleagues and students at various schools who helped me collect data and analyze multiple experiments. These include, but are not limited to, Chris Wiesen, Jia Lin, and Wendan Li at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Di Qi at Georgetown University; Liyi Jia at George Washington University; and Hong Shi, Linghong Huang, and Feiyan Wang at Zhejiang University. Special thanks go to Professor Shoko Hamano and Young-Key Kim-Renaud at George Washington University for their continual support and advice. I am also very grateful to Dr. Yi Xu, who granted me the permission to reprint his two figures, Figure 1.1 and Figure 4.2, in this book. I am also thankful for audiences in my research presentations, anonymous reviewers, and the editors from Brill, all of whom have helped me in improving my research and my writing. I am particularly indebted to Emily Moeng, who helped me refine this book throughout the project; each page of this work has benefited from her careful revision. During the course of writing this book, I had the great fortune of receiving the University Facilitating Fund (GWU) and the CCAS editing service from the Office of Research and Strategic Initiatives. I appreciate Dr. Yongwu Rong’s timely support.

This book is dedicated to my husband Jie Cai and daughter Emma Xiaoman Cai. I have relied greatly on Jie and Emma’s love and encouragement throughout my time conducting research and writing, and this book would not have been possible without their constant support.

All errors are my own responsibility.

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