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For example, self-definition as Catholic continues to decline in surveys (from 89% in 1975 to 69% in 2017), as does practice (Mass attendance declined from 40% in 1978 to 19.9% in 2008) and obedience to religious hierarchies (Díaz Salazar 1993; CIS study 2752). With regard to young people, in 2010, only 10% considered themselves practicing Catholics, 43% non-practicing Catholics, 25% indifferent and 17% atheist (González Anleo 2011). Only 2% self-defined as belonging to another religion.


This seminar was coordinated by Ana I. Planet and Ángeles Ramírez, as part of the project ‘Reform, Change and Conflict in the Euro-Mediterranean: Implications for Spanish Foreign Policy towards the Arab and Muslim World’ financed as an R&D&I project by the Ministry of Finance and Competitiveness (CSO2011-29438-C05-01) led by Ana I. Planet.

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