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(Picture credits: All except Nos. 7 und 46: Akg images)

1 Pyramid of Saqqara: Pharaoh Djoser of Egypt (ca. 2700 BCE) 10

2 Grave monument of Cyrus the Great of Persia (559–30 BCE) in Pasargadae (Iran) 31

3 Maria with Child, Saints Felix and Adauctus and also the founder Tortura, wallpainting in Rome, Catacombe di Commodilla, of 528 CE 40

4 Jovan Oliver, Serbian Despot, c. 1310–56, founder’s portrait with archangel Michael in Manastir Lesnovo (Macedonia), 15th c. 63

5 Mosque of Sultan Hasan with mausoleum in Cairo (1356–62 CE) 74

6 Synagogue of Sardis (Western Anatolia, Turkey), c. 230 CE 84

7 Copper-plate charter of Gurjara (Western India) about 8th/11th c. CE. With permission of Prof. Dr. Annette Schmiedchen (Berlin) 103

8 Temple of Fengxian in the Grottos of Longmen (Henan, China) of 672 CE: Buddha Vairocana with his pupils Ananda (left) and Kassyapa (right) such as kings of Heaven and guardian figures 113

9 Stele of King Assurbanipal of Assyria, 668–27 BCE (Esagila in Babylon) 141

10 Statue of Udjahorresnet, chief physician and treasurer of the king of Lower Egypt, holding a shrine of Osiris—Found in Sais (Egypt). Vatican Museums, Rome 148

11 Pergamon, Gymnasium (today Bergama, Turkey) 161

12 Edfu, Temple of Horus. Egypt, 237–12 BCE 171

13 Hierothesion of King Antiochos I Theos of Commagene (69–36 BCE), Nemrud Daği (Taurus Mountains, Turkey) 177

14 Pillar inscribed with edicts by the Mauryan king Aśoka in Vaishali, Bihar (India) (3rd c. BCE) 187

15 Eight armed Vishnu statue at the temple Angkor Wat (12th c. CE), Cambodia 196

16 Juliana Anicia, daughter of the Emperor Anicius Olybrius and founder of the Church of Mary in the Honoratae (Pera; Constantinople) of 512/3 CE 225

17 Megístis Lávras, the oldest monastery on the Holy Mountain of Athos, founded in 963 by the monk Athonites 235

18 Bačkovo Monastery near Plovdiv (Bulgaria), founded by Gregorios Pakourianos in 1083; ossuary, 11th c. CE 239

19 Mother of God of Volokolamsk, 16th century. Russian icon 252

20 Damascus and the Great Mosque, painting of the 17th c. CE 265

21 Samarkand, Registan with three madrasas: Left to right: Ulugh Beg (1417–20), Tillja Kari (1647–60) and Shir Dor (1619–36) 277

22 Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo (Egypt) with academy (since 988 CE) 281

23 Orontes in Hama with a noria and the Nūr ad-Dīn-Mosque (erected 1172) 285

24 Mausoleum of Khvāja ʿAbdullāh Anṣārī (d. 1089) near Herāt (Afghanistan), erected 1428 296

25 Founder’s portrait of Pope Honorius I, c. 625/38 in Rome, S. Agnese fuori le Mura 313

26 Saint-Maurice d’Agaune Abbey (Switzerland), with the earliest Christian churches on the site, as well as the burial site of Saint Mauritius 322

27 Radegunde, consort of the Merovingian king Chlothar I (d. 587), establishes the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Poitiers. Stained glass in St. Radegunde / Poitiers, early 13th c. 330

28 King Dagobert establishes the Church of Saint-Denis (c. 632). Book illumination, 14th c. 338

29 Holy Island, Lindisfarne Castle. On the site of a monastery of the Early Middle Ages (16th c.) 347

30 St. Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury (Kent), established 598, renewed c. 1099 and 1539 360

31 Portrait of St. Willibrord (Adriaen Lommelin, 1630–77) 376

32 Charlemagne or Charles the Bald, equestrian portrait, c. 870 (?) 385

33 Andlau. Memorial stone for the founding of the monastery by Empress Richgard 880/1 408

34 San Salvatore in Brescia, cloister of the former monastery 413

35 Quedlinburg, former collegiate church for members of the Ottonian royal family 424

36 Grave monument of King Rudolf of Hapsburg (d. 1291) in the Cathedral of Speyer 468

37 Chartreuse Mauerbach near Vienna. Foundation of King Frederick the Fair, about 1313, abolished 1782. Photograph about 1970 478

38 Emperor Charles IV and his consort Anna with reliquary cross (1357), wallpainting in the Castle of Karlstein by Prague 494

39 Grave monument for Emperor Maximilian I (d. 1519) in the Court Church in Innsbruck, 16th c. 505

40 School of the Buddhist Cave Monastery of Phuktal (Zanskar Region, Himalaya, India) 514

41 Nālanda: Buddhist ‘Monastic academy’ in Bihar (India), founded 5th c. CE 538

42 School of Plato, established c. 387 BCE. Roman mosaic around 100 BCE in Pompei 545

43 Testament of Aulus Quinctilius Priscus in Ferentino, 2nd c. CE 556

44 Córdoba, Synagogue of 1351, with Hebrew inscriptions 561

45 Caravanserai in Mahyar (Isfahan, Iran), time of the Safavids 570

46 Founder Georgios Mazizanis, consort and daughter, wallpainting in the Panagia Kera in Kritsa (Crete), middle of 14th c. Mystis Editions, Heraklion / Crete 575

47 Grave monument of Cardinal Francesco Carbone (d. 1405 CE) with sculpture of Caritas, Cathedral of Naples / Italy 595

48 Ford’s Hospital, Coventry (Grey Friars Hospital), United Kingdom, founded 1509 605

49 King William II of Sicily (d. 1189) with church model of Monreale of 1174 612

Oxford (UK), Christ Church College (16th c.) with cathedral 617

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