In: Buddhism in Central Asia I
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The present volume is based on the proceedings of the start-up conference “Establishing of Buddhist Nodes in Eastern Central Asia 6th to 14th c. Part I: Sacred Space, Pilgrimage, Patronage, Legitimation Strategies” of the ERC pro­ject BuddhistRoad. The conference was organised by Carmen Meinert and Henrik H. Sørensen on May 23rd to 25th, 2018 at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany).

The conference convenors and book editors are grateful to the ten conference participants, who contributed their fine pieces of scholarship to the present volume, and for allowing a smooth editing process. The elaborate, yet swift editing process would not have been possible without many helping hands. We are particularly grateful to Ben Müller, Selina Lüdecke, and Tanja Heilig for their always thoughtful and diligent assistance in all stages of the editing process, and to Alexandra Fitzpatrick (Tasmania) and T. Joseph Leach (Chicago) for proof reading the final manuscript. Last but not least, our sincere thanks go to the anonymous reviewer, who kindly offered numerous suggestions to improve the volume as a whole.

We hope that this book contributes to the understanding of how Buddhist patronage takes place between the three societal fields of politics, economics, and religion and thereby enables the emergence of a network of sacred sites and pilgrimage routes contributing to thoroughly transforming the multi-cultural region of Eastern Central Asia into a religious-cultural entity.

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