In: Buddhism in Central Asia I
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Arab. Arabic

BCE Before Common Era

c. century

ca. circa

CE Common Era

CERES Center for Religious Studies (Centrum für Religionswissenschaft-­ liche Studien), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

cf. confer

Chin. Chinese

CHIS Cultural History Information System

d. died

d.u. dates unknown

e.g. exempli gratia

ERC European Resuscitation Council

etc. et cetera

FWF Austrian Science Fund

i.e. id est

Germ. German

fl. flourished

ibid. ibidem

IDP International Dunhuang Project at the British Library in London

Kh. Khotanese

Kor. Korean

Mong. Mongolian

ms(s). manuscript(s)

Mt. Mount

NIT National Institute of Technology Sikkim

OU Old Uyghur

PI Principal Investigator

pl. plate

P. no. numbering of caves in Dunhuang according to Paul Pelliot

r. reign

Skt. Sanskrit

Tang. Tangut

Tib. Tibetan

tr. translated by

U.K. United Kingdom

YDA Garash Young Drugkpa Association


< borrowed from

<< indirectly borrowed from

> borrowed into

[ ] gaps in the fragments

(ä) unwritten vowels and consonants

{ä} deleted against the fragment

[…] omission

₂ hendiadys

* reconstructed titles or terminologies

□ illegible character

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