4.1 The dome over the Ṣakhra. Photo by Pini Chemo, courtesy of David’s Tower Museum 74

4.2 The Ṣakhra from above. Photo from Matson (G. Eric and Edith) Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress 82

4.3 Mosaics of the lower section the Dome of the Rock’s drum, and a detail of the Ayyūbid naskhī inscription, with verses 20–21 of Sūrat Ṭā hā. From Myriam Rosen-Ayalon, The Early Islamic Monuments of al-Haram al-Sharif: An Iconographic Study, Qedem 28 (Jerusalem: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1989), plate 16. Photo reproduced with the permission of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 87

4.4 The gilded stucco-decorated dome, with inscriptions referring to two of the four rulers involved with its renovation, Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn (1190) and al-Nāṣir Muḥammad b. Qalawūn (1318). Photo courtesy by Amiel Meitav 91

8.1 Bird’s eye view of the Oosterpark neighborhood looking in a northwestern direction. © Google Maps, 2019 152

8.2 Participants walk a circular course over the square. © Willem Jan de Hek, 2018 153

8.3 A large map of planks is laid out over the square, projecting the street pattern of the neighborhood. © Willem Jan de Hek, 2018 154

8.4 Kastanjeplein turns out to be a rich and storied place on 4 May. © Willem Jan de Hek, 2018 166

10.1 Detail from MS Oxford Bodleian Library 102, fol 286v. By permission of The Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford, MS Selden Super 194

12.1 Nicolas Poussin, The Destruction and Sack of the Temple of Jerusalem (1625–1626). Courtesy of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 228

12.2 Torah niche (ciborium) in the third-century Dura-Europos synagogue. National Museum in Damascus. Public Domain. 232

12.3 The mosaic floors of the fourth-century Hammat Tiberias. Courtesy of the Israel Antiquity Authority 234

12.4 The mosaic floor in the Bet Alpha synagogue. Courtesy of the Israel Antiquity Authority 235

12.5a Perpignan Bible. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Heb. 7, Bible, fol. 12v. Courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France 236

12.5b Perpignan Bible. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Heb. 7, Bible, fol. 13r. Courtesy of the Bibliothèque nationale de France 237

12.6 Regensburg Bible, Aaron the high priest kindling the menorah in the Tabernacle. Illustrated manuscript of the Pentateuch, Bavaria, c. 1300, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 180/52, fol. 155v. By permission of The Israel Museum 239

12.7 Saragosa 1404: illustration of an olive tree on a mound, framed by Zech 14:4. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Heb 31, Bible, fol. 4V. By permission of Bibliothèque nationale de France 240

12.8 Madaba mosaic map in Jordan. Photo: Michele Piccirillo, The Mosaics of Jordan (Amman: American Center of Oriental Research, 1993), fig. 103. By permission of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum 242

12.9 The Capture of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1099. Guillaume de Tyr, Historia, BNF MS FR 352 fol. 62”. By permission of Bibliothèque nationale de France 247

12.10 Sayyid Ali’s Kitab shawq nameh (Pilgrimage Guide), which illustrates Muhammad’s apocalyptic journey from the Dome of the Rock up to heaven. From the Collection of the National Maritime Museum, Haifa. Photograph: Stas Korolov 249

12.11 Mordechai Ardon, stained glass triptych of Isaiah’s prophecy about Jerusalem, Hebrew University of Jerusalem National Library 1980–1984. Photo by Hanan Cohen (National Library of Israel), used with permission of Mrs Ora Ardon 253

13.1 Interior of the Bankras Church. Photo: 272

14.1 Still of the 1925 Good Samaritan scene, featuring Samaritan High Priest Yitzhaq ben ʿAmram. 287

14.2 Still of the 1925 Good Samaritan scene: two “Jews” in Yemenite and Chassidic attire, and Yitzhaq ben ʿAmram. 287

14.3 Former Byzantine church with modern roofing. Background: the Crusader Fortress. Picture: Rob Nelisse 290

14.4 Postcard picture of the Ottoman inn, 1906. 294


9.1 Features of ANE gardens 186

14.1 Acts of seeing in the parable of the Good Samaritan 279

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