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1 Portrait of Revd Isaac Milles, Rector of Highclere (1638-1720), engraving by George Vertue. Courtesy of the Earl of Carnarvon: Highclere Castle Archives Box 53 no. 3, f.73. Photo David Rymill 28

2 “Grammar School at Southampton”, Sixty Views of Endowed Schools: From Original Drawings by J. C. Buckler: With Letter-Press Descriptions, London, 1827 28

3 Exterior View of Waterford Cathedral, oil on canvas, artist unknown (c. 1730). Courtesy of Waterford Museum of Treasures. Photo Donnchadh Ó Ceallacháin 37

4 View of the South Prospect of Lismore Cathedral. The Whole Works of Sir James Ware Concerning Ireland, Revised and Improved by Walter Harris, Dublin, 1764, vol. 1 38

5 Early Photograph (pre 1863) of the Pococke family home in Newtown, near Newbury, Berkshire/Hampshire. Private collection 55

6 Portrait of Bishop Pococke, artist unknown (1765). Courtesy of the ­Episcopal Portrait Collection, Representative Church Body, Ireland. Photo David Kane 61

7 The Montgomery Monument, Ardbraccan, Burial Place of Richard Pococke. Photo Tony Hand 62

8 Frontispiece to Description 1. Photo David Kane 132

9 Egyptian Garments, Litter etc., Description 1, Plate LVIII. Photo David Kane 133

10 Dresses Particular to Egypt, signed by the engraver, Charles Mosley, Description 1, Plate LIX. Photo David Kane 134

11 Ancient Statues & Heads brought from Egypt, Description 1, Plate LXIV. Photo David Kane 135

12 The Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem, and the Church of Bethlehem, Description 2, Part I, Plate IV. Photo David Kane 218

13 The Pools and Sealed Fountains of Solomon, and the Mount of Bethulia, Description 2, Part I, Plate VIII. Photo David Kane 219

14 The Temple of Bacchus at Baalbek, Description 2, Part I, signed by the engraver, Samuel Wale, Plate XV. Photo David Kane 220

15 The Semicircular Temple at Baalbek and the Great Stone Wall, Description 2, Part I, Plate XI. Photo David Kane 221

16 Egyptian Mummy Brought from Egypt, Description 1, Plate XX. Photo David Kane 381

17 Great Pyramid and Head of the Sphinx, Description 1, Plate XVII. Photo David Kane 382

18 Pococke’s Statue of Isis, Description 1, Plate LX. Photo David Kane 383

19 Pococke’s Statue of Osiris, Description 1, Plate LXII. Photo David Kane 384

20 Tower of Andronicus, Athens, Description 2, Part II, Plate LXXV. Photo David Kane 385

21 The Chapel of Our Lady of the Cavern, Athens, Description 2, Part II, Plate LXX. Photo David Kane 386

22 A Map of the Thracian Bosphorus, Description 2, Part II, Plate LXII. Photo David Kane 387

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