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Since this book started its life as a doctoral dissertation, no small thanks are due to my thesis supervisors: Professor Martin Krygier, who patiently prompted me to improve my writing over the course of my research, and Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen, who originally prompted my interest in international law over a decade ago.

I am also indebted to the examiners of my thesis, Professor Simon Chesterman and Professor Jan Klabbers, whose feedback was so illuminating and who each provided some of the impetus for developing the thesis into this book.

Of course, a long list of family, friends, and colleagues, inspired me towards this research in the first place, then goaded and encouraged me along the way in roughly equal parts—even as they always nurtured belief that it should be done, and did not cease their efforts when the PhD was in hand and possibilities of a book arose.

First among all, I put my late mother, who knew the world could become a better place—if we each took action to pay our share on that account.

In memory of her, this book is for all those women disparaged as ‘difficult’, simply for not bowing to an inadequate, incomplete, or uninclusive, status quo—who instead wanted to take a step towards seeing that better place become a reality. More power to their arms, I say, and to those of any others who choose to work with such women in furtherance of their aspirations.

Carolyn M Evans

Sydney, June 2020

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