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Cover illustration: MS Budapest Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Kaufmann Collection A 384, fol. 85v (tripartite maḥzor, first volume, written in the region of Lake Constance, Bavaria or the region of the Upper Rhine around 1320, parchment, Ashkenazi square and semi-cursive script). On the illumination the sun, the moon, and ten stars are represented on top of the image against a blue backdrop with the four winds in the form of four tiny heads in the four corners of the image. The central part is a vine tree displaying its branches full of leaves and bunches of grapes against a reddish/ocher background. The Hebrew word ‮אות‬‎, meaning “sign,” is written in gold on the lower half of the image. Image by permission of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

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ISSN 2589-4404

ISBN 978-90-04-44506-2 (hardback)

ISBN 978-90-04-44570-3 (e-book)

Copyright 2021 by Josefina Rodríguez-Arribas and Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum.

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Unveiling the Hidden—Anticipating the Future

Divinatory Practices Among Jews Between Qumran and the Modern Period

Series:  Prognostication in History, Volume: 5