Abbreviations for Frequently Cited Sources

In: The Manichaean Church in Kellis
Håkon Fiane Teigen
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Abbreviations for Frequently Cited Sources

Publications of Papyri from Kellis

P.Kellis I

Greek Papyri from Kellis (ed. Worp 1995)

P.Kellis II

Kellis Literary Texts, vol. 1 (ed. Gardner 1996)

P.Kellis III

The Kellis Isocrates Codex (ed. Worp and Rijksbaron 1997)

P.Kellis IV / KAB

The Kellis Agricultural Account Book (ed. Bagnall 1997)

P.Kellis V

Coptic Documentary Texts from Kellis, vol. 1 (ed. Gardner, Alcock & Funk 1999)

P.Kellis VI

Kellis Literary Texts, vol. 2 (ed. Gardner 2007)

P.Kellis VII

Coptic Documentary Texts from Kellis, vol. 2 (ed. Gardner, Alcock & Funk 2014)

O.Kellis I

Ostraka from Kellis (ed. Worp 2004)

Manichaean Texts

1 Ke

Kephalaia vol. 1: The Chapters of the Teacher (ed. Polotsky and Böhlig 1940 / Böhlig 1966 / Funk 1999, 2000, 2018)

2 Ke

Kephalaia vol. 2: The Chapters of the Wisdom of My Lord Mani (Part III) (ed. Gardner, Beduhn, and Dilley 2018)

2 Ps

Psalm-book, part 2 (ed. Allberry 1938 / Wurst 1996 / Richter 1998)


Cologne Mani Codex (ed. Koenen and Römer 1988)


Homilies (ed. Pedersen 2006)


Kephalaion (chapter numbers in the Kephalaia volumes)


The Sermon on the Great War (Hom. 7.8–42.8)


Section on the Narrative of the Crucifixion (Hom. 42.9–85.34)

Writings of Augustine

C. Faust.

Contra Faustum Manichaeum

C. Fort.

Contra Fortunatum Manichaeum disputatio

De haer.

De haeresibus ad Quodvultdeum

De mor.

De moribus ecclesiae Catholicae et de moribus Manichaeorum

Other Abbreviations


Crum, Walter E. 1939 (ed. 2000). A Coptic Dictionary (Oxford: Clarendon Press)


Middle Persian language


Parthian language

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