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This cartobibliography, a project that involved quite a few years’ work, would not have been possible without the help of a large number of people.

Firstly, the generosity of Dr. Ko Pui Shuen made the project possible. Her donation supported two extensive research trips to the major European map collections, additional staff for the Special Collections team and funds to acquire both more ancient maps and substantial reference material.

Then I would like to point out the starting point of this project: the visionary idea of HKUST’s first librarian, Mrs. Min Min Chang. She created the Antique Maps of China Special Collection, which has become one of the largest collections of its kind in East Asia. I must also thank the HKUST President, Wei Shyy, who has always shown a special support for the map collection and this book, even though he occasionally probed reminded me to finish it in time; and the Library Director, Ms. Diana Chan, who has always given me trust and space to develop and complete this most “special” of Special Collections projects. A special thanks to Gabi Wong, who first convinced me to work in the Library and whose support extended to a semi-final copy-editing of the manuscript over her Christmas holidays. At the time of the launch of this book she will be the next HKUST Library director.

Then, in order that mixes importance, gratitude and affection, let me mention the following:

My editors, Peter van der Krogt, head of the Explokart Research Program, Allard Pierson, The Collections of the University of Amsterdam, and Paula van Gestel, researcher and editor of the Explokart Research Program, Allard Pierson, The Collections of the University of Amsterdam.

Jason Hubbard, who has not been able to see its completion.

Michele Castelnovi, a fellow Genoese and a specialist on Martino Martini, who assisted me in completing a first draft of all the entries. He added a second voice to the book, one very attentive to semiotic and iconological details, as well as to the many facets of Martini’s influence.

Joyce Yau, who took care not only of image procurement, cropping and captioning, but also of metadata and more in general provided vital logistic support to the project.

The other members of the Special Collections team: Asta Leung, Fiona Ma, Anne Mando; other colleagues at the library, all of them but with special gratitude to Victoria Caplan, Celia Cheung, Clara Kwan, Li Wing Kay, Zehua Sun, the Document Supply Services, Resource Management and Systems teams.

The members of the advisory committee that sustained the book until its final stage with their suggestions, enthusiasm and encouragement: Christian Daniels, William Waung Sik Ying, Ronald Tham Seng Yum, Fung Kam Wing, Tam Kwong-lim).

The introduction chapters contributors: Li Xiaocong 李孝聰 (Peking University), Angelo Cattaneo, (CNR, Rome), Marica Milanesi (emeritus Pavia), Francisco Roque de Oliveira (Universidade de Lisboa), Jin Guoping 金國平 (emeritus Macau University/ Jinan University Guangzhou), Lin Hong 林宏 (Shanghai Normal University), Mario Cams (Macau University), Emanuele Raini (Universita’ Orientale, Napoli) and Liu Zhifan who translated and annotated Li Xiaocong’s and Jin Guoping’s contribution.

Beside this, in alphabetical order: Davor Antonucci, Maria Rosa Azzolina (and the Museo Bagatti Valsecchi), Roderick Barron, Robert Batchelor, Ashley Baynton-Williams, Wolfgang Behr, Stefano Bifolco, Paolo Bonora, Timothy Brook, Mauro Brunello, Philip Burden, Tony Campbell, Daniel Canaris, Aldo Caterino, Chen Tsung-jen, Cheng Fangyi, Daniel Crouch, Eszter Maria Csillag, Gyuri Danku, Elena del Rio Parra, Massimo De Martini, Vera Dorofeeva Lichtmann, Eliane Dotson, Chet van Duzer, Christoph Harbsmeier, Tom Harper, Markus Heinz, Catherine Hofmann, Thomas Horst, Valerie Hotchkiss, Mario Infelise, Catherine Jami, Robert J. Karrow jr., David Kim, Huzeyfe Kiran, Hans Kok, Gavin Kwok, Rachel Lavenda, Vincenzo Lavenia, Li Lizhu, Eugenio Lo Sardo, Rui Manuel Loureiro, Brian McQuarta, Giorgio Mangani, Rosa Marulo, Federico Masini, Andrea Mazzocchi, Eugenio Menegon, Thierry Meynard, Florin Stefan Morar, Ljiliana Ortolja-Baird, Marcus Perini, Magdalena Peszko, Niccolò Pianciola, Michael Ritter, Rehav and Milka Rubin, Günter Schilder, Song Liming, Julian Stargardt, Francesco Surdich, Paolo de Troia, Sarah Tyacke, Antoni Ucerler, Vladimiro Valerio, Jean Vilbas, Lutz Walter, Wang Qianjin, Jonathan Wattis, Clara Yu Dong.

Most importantly, without the warmth and support of my family and friends and of my wife Sannie Tang, the writing of this book would have been impossible.

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