Notes on Contributors

In: Bridging the Rainbow Gap
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Notes on Contributors

Lindsey Allen

is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (LLSI) at University of Maryland College Park. Their work examines Quare literacies, liberatory pedagogy, and teacher education.

Mollie V. Blackburn

is Professor of Critical and Transformative Education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the Ohio State University. Her research focuses on queer adolescent literacy, language, and literature.

Roland Sintos Coloma

is Professor of Teacher Education at Wayne State University. His research on the cultural politics of difference in education examines race, gender, and sexuality from historical, intersectional, and transnational perspectives.

Antonio Duran

is Assistant Professor of Higher and Postsecondary Education at Arizona State University. His research focuses on understanding how historical and contemporary legacies of oppression influence college student development, experiences, and success.

Sergio A. Gonzalez

is Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations and Leadership at Duquesne University. His research focuses on Jotería pedagogy and microaffirmations through the lived experiences of Queer and Trans Latinx/e people.

Justin A. Gutzwa

is Assistant Professor of Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education in the Department of Educational Administration in the College of Education at Michigan State University. Their work centers the classroom experiences of trans collegians to envision the anti-racist, trans-liberatory transformation of postsecondary curriculum, pedagogy, and institutions.

Brandon Haskey-Valerius

is a doctoral student in Mizzou’s Language & Literacies for Social Transformation Program. His research focuses on the experiences of queer English/Language Arts (ELA) teachers in order to improve outcomes for queer ELA teachers.

Benjamin C. Kennedy

is a Ph.D. student in Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego. His research focuses on equity policy, gender identity development in early childhood, and helping educators to create trans affirming curriculum, classrooms, and climates.

Cindy Ann Kilgo

is Associate Professor, Higher Education & Student Affairs and Interim Co-Director, National Survey of Student Engagement at Indiana University. Their research areas include high-impact practices and the college experience for minoritized students.

Kachine Kulick

is a Ph.D. candidate at University of Colorado, Boulder in Teacher Learning, Research and Practice at University of Colorado Boulder. Her research focuses on learning design that tends to queering, equity, anti-racism, and action at an intellectual and embodied level.

Kevin Kumashiro

is the former Dean of the University of San Francisco School of Education. He is the award-winning author or editor of ten books on anti-oppressive education, policy, curriculum, and social movements for justice.

J. B. Mayo, Jr.

is Associate Professor of Social Studies Education at the University of Minnesota. His research examines the various impacts of GSA s on queer/ally students and the possibilities of queer(ing) social studies curriculum.

Jen McLaughlin Cahill

holds a Ph.D. in English Education and teaches English at a 6th–12th grade Title I school in the New York City Department of Education. Her research examines culturally relevant pedagogy, racial literacy, teaching queer-inclusive English language arts classes, and cultivating welcoming climates for LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse youth in schools.

Caitlin O’Loughlin

is a Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Studies and Literacies in the School of Education. Her research focuses on queer theory and the historical and contemporary experiences of queer folks with educational institutions.

Bishop Owis

is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Education. Their research explores care and solidarity work at the intersections of gender, sexuality, race and colonialism in education.

Summer Melody Pennell

is a lecturer in the Department of Education, College of Education and Social Services, at the University of Vermont. Her research interests include queer pedagogy and teacher education.

Kaity Prieto

is Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her research centers the experiences of LGBTQ+ students, with a focus on bisexual, pansexual, and queer student communities.

Kristen A. Renn

is Mildred B. Erickson Distinguished Professor of Higher, Adult, & Lifelong Education at Michigan State University. Her research examines college student identities, learning, and success, focusing on LGBTQIA+ and mixed race students.

Ryan Schey

is Assistant Professor of English Education in the Department of Language and Literacy Education in the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia. His research examines literacy and language practices and social change in schools, focusing on LGBTQIA+ youth and the educators who work with them.

Stephanie Anne Shelton

is Associate Professor of Qualitative Research and Director of Diversity in The University of Alabama’s College of Education. Her research focuses on queer and feminist qualitative research methodologies and pedagogies.

LJ Slovin

is the 2023–2024 Martha LA McCain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Bonham Centre at the University of Toronto. Their research focuses on queer and trans youth and the labour they perform to exist and thrive in schools.

Taylor Stocks

is a Ph.D. candidate in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their research focuses on the intersections of 2sLGBTQ+ policies in Canadian schools and queer-trans student activism.

Kamden K. Strunk

is Associate Professor of Research Methodology in the School of Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research focuses research methodologies, especially critical quantitative methodologies, as applied to the study of queer studies and anti-racism in education.

Jessica A. Weise

is a postdoctoral fellow of Higher Education at Auburn University. Her research focuses on student activism, community organizing, and queerly interrogating white supremacist and heteropatriarchal structures within/beyond higher education.

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