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In: Building an Academic Community
Justyna M. Bugaj
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Małgorzata Budzanowska-Drzewiecka
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Beata Mikołajczyk
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1.1 Building a sense of collectiveness within AC based on IQAS. 14
2.1 Key values at Polish research universities. 37
2.2 Key values at German research universities. 38
2.3 Values related directly to the academic community – a comparison of Polish (blue) and German universities (orange). 44
4.1 Word cloud – words semantically related to the term ‘reviewing and revising programmes’. 79
5.1 The Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) cycle. 94
5.2 The Practitioner Inquiry (PI) cycle. 95
7.1 Advantages and disadvantages of taking part in a student poster conference as perceived by the participants. 144
1.1 An estimate of the level of the sense of collectiveness within AC. 17
2.1 List of Polish and German RU s. 34
2.2 Key RU values relative to CVF types of organisational culture. 45
3.1 Structure of the interviews. 58
4.1 The roles of internal stakeholders in internal quality assurance as specified in ESG. 73
4.2 The information about the cooperation of internal stakeholders in QAS s present in PKA reports. 76
6.1 Quality culture dimensions coding scheme. 113
6.2 Student perceptions of quality goals at an ideal university. 114
8.1 Success factors of a virtual learning community according to different authors. 159
8.2 Comparison matrix of the key success factors of virtual learning communities. 161
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