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Brill publishers has launched three new titles in its successful suite of review journals, Brill Research Perspectives, on the subject of Religious Studies. The first issues are planned for 2019 and will become available online and in print.

Brill Research Perspectives provides researchers with the opportunity to give an account of the most recent scholarship and to define and direct the agenda for future research. They combine the verification of peer review, the high usage of reference works, and the pedagogy of textbooks. Designed for research communities in the Humanities, International Law, and Social Sciences, these journals distil the vast body of literature in a field into a more digestible format while linking to the primary sources.

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Education , edited by Stephen G. Parker, University of Worcester, focuses on a dynamic and increasingly important area of work, intersecting the fields of theology and religious studies, and drawing upon the foundation disciplines and methodologies of philosophy, sociology, psychology and history of education. It is particularly focused upon religious education as variously conceived in different domestic, religious, educational, social and national contexts.

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Politics , edited by Jocelyne Cesari, University of Birmingham and Georgetown University, is focused on research that addresses contemporary debates on religion and politics in a particular national or regional context or in a comparative way across religions or political contexts.

Brill Research Perspectives in Religion and Psychology , edited by Ralph W. Hood, Jr., University of Nevada, Reno, presents extended articles on theory and the integration of empirical data that bridge the gap between humanities studies and those of psychological science. It provides up-to-date information on the diversity of approaches and methods that psychologists are applying to illuminate the wide range of phenomena that either define or are associated with religion in individual cultures and globally.

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