We are delighted to announce that two of our book titles have been prestigiously awarded by Choice as 2013 Outstanding Academic Titles. The winning titles are:

Christianity in Latin America
Revised and Expanded Edition

by Hans-Jürgen Prien, Prof. em at Universität zu Köln. Translated by Stephen Buckwalter.

Christianity in Latin America provides a complete overview of over 500 years of the history of Christianity in the ‘New World’. The inclusion of German research in this book is an important asset to the Anglo-American research area, in disclosing information that was hitherto not available in English. This work will present the reader with a very good survey into the history of Christianity on the South American continent, based on a tremendous breadth of literature.

Ryōsai Kenbo
The Educational Ideal of 'Good Wife, Wise Mother' in Modern Japan

by Koyama Shizuko, Kyoto University

The famous ryōsai kenbo or ‘good wife, wise mother’ role of Japanese women was, in fact, not a traditional Confucian view but a modern construct – its first appearance in Japan being the latter half of the nineteenth century. Girls at the time were proud to fulfill their new role of contributing to not just the family but to the formation of the state. Koyama’s discovery has transformed how we see modern women’s history in Japan and East Asia as a whole.

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The winning titles are assigned with recommendation level of ‘Essential’, which represents a publication of exceptional quality for academic audiences and a core title for academic libraries supporting programs in relevant disciplines.

We would like to congratulate the authors of these books.

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