The Mongols and the Armenians (1220-1335)


In the thirteenth century, the Armenians of Greater Armenia and of the Armenian Kingdom in Cilicia were invaded by Mongol nomads of the Inner Asian steppe. The ensuing Mongol-Armenian relations were varied. The Greater Armenians became subjects of the Mongol Empire, whereas the Cilician Armenians, by entering into vassalage, became allies and furthered the Mongol conquests. In order to enhance our understanding of this turning point in medieval history, the effects of long distance military raids, missions, diplomacy, collaboration, administrative assistance and confrontation as well as the reasons for invading Greater Armenia and motives for establishing an alliance, are considered.
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Bayarsaikhan Dashdondog, DPhil (2008) in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, is researcher/lecturer at National University of Mongolia. She has published on the Mongols in Armenia, Near and Middle East in Acta Mongolica (2009), Mongolian and Tibetan Quarterly (2009), Toronto Studies in Central and Inner Asia (2008).
All those interested in medieval history of Central Asia, Middle and Near East, in Armenian, Iranian, Mongol and Mamluk studies.
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