Human Rights and the Environment

Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Perspectives


This book explores the philosophical, theoretical and legal bases that underpin the linkage between human rights and the environment. Such linkage, grounded in reality, is an innovative way of addressing environmental issues through the lens of a well-established international human rights system. The book argues that a new set of environmental rights is gradually forging its way into international law and suggests a re-configuration of the human rights system in the context of sustainable development and the notion of solidarity rights. In doing so, two sets of concepts are considered: first, the possibility of a rapprochement between environmental ethics and the human rights doctrine and, second, the theoretical and practical links among the concepts of development, democracy, environment and sustainable development.
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Linda H. Leib, a Fulbright Scholar, holds a PhD (2009) in Law from Macquarie University. She has a multidisciplinary background and expertise in the areas of environmental philosophy, human rights law, environmental law, international relations and Middle East politics.
The book is useful to researchers, academics, students and activists interested in the doctrine of human rights, environmental philosophy, and the recent developments in environmental rights and sustainable development.
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