Directions for Travellers on the Mystic Path

Zakariyyāʾ al-Anṣārī's Kitāb Fatḥ al-Raḥmān and Its Indonesian Adaptations. With an Appendix on Palembang Manuscripts and Authors


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The Author of the Risāla Fī ’L-Tawḥīd,
Shaikh Walī Raslān of Damascus
Pages: 6–25
The Commentator, Zakariyyā’ Al-Anṣārī,
a “Pillar of Fiqh and Tasawwuf”
Pages: 26–38
Kitāb Fatḥ Al-Raḥmān
Zakariyyā’ al-Anṣārī’s commentary on Raslān’s Risāla
Pages: 39–51
A Risalah
Shihabuddin of Palembang
Pages: 88–105
The so-called Kitab Mukhtasar
Kemas Fakhruddin of Palembang
Pages: 106–175
Pages: 245–251
Pages: 252–256
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