The Skandapurāṇa III

Adhyayas 34.1-61, 53-69: The Vindhyavāsinī Cycle


Skandapurāṇa III presents a critical edition of the Vindhyavāsinī Cycle (Adhyāyas 34.1-61, 53-69) from the Skandapurāṇa , with an introduction and annotated English synopsis. The text edited in this volume provides the oldest full account of the myth of the goddess of the Vindhya mountains; it is one of the main sources of the Devīmāhātmya, the most famous scripture of the goddess worship in India, and as such indispensable for the study of the history of goddess worship. The introduction contains an examination into the relationship of the manuscripts and the date of the Skandapurāṇa .
The work is currently only available in print as an exact reprint done in a smaller book size (15.5 x 23.5 cm) than the first printrun.
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Yuko Yokochi, Ph.D. (2005), University of Groningen, is professor of Sanskrit Literature at the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University. She is one of the co-authors of the Skandapurāṇa IIB (Brill, 2014) and has published various articles on the history of goddess worship in India.
'the volume represents a remarkable contribution to the study of Sanskrit and premodern India and is particularly valuable for understanding the history of goddess cults.' - Shaman Hatley, University of Massachusetts, Indo-Iranian Journal 64 (2021).
All interested in Purana literature, early Saivism, Hindu mythology, Hinduism in general, and especially the history of goddess worship; and also some interested in editing the Sanskrit literature.
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