The Jibbali (Shaḥri) Language of Oman

Grammar and Texts


This book contains a detailed grammatical description of Jibbali (or Shahri), an unwritten Semitic language spoken in the Dhofar region of Oman, along with seventy texts. This is the first ever comprehensive grammar of Jibbali, and the first collection of texts published in over a hundred years. Topics in phonology, all aspects of morphology, and a variety of syntactic features are covered. The texts include those collected by the late T. M. Johnstone (newly edited and translated), as well as new texts collected by the author, while the grammar is based both on the texts and on original fieldwork. Semitists, linguists, and anyone interested in the folklore of Arabia will find much valuable data and analysis in this volume.
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Aaron D. Rubin, Ph.D. (2004) Harvard University, is a Professor at Penn State University. He has published widely on the Semitic languages, including four previous books and numerous articles. His grammar of Mehri appeared in 2010 (Brill).
Overall, the grammar is an excellent contribution to the growing literature on the Modern South Arabian languages of Oman and Yemen. This work is now one of the main sources of information on the Jibbali language. - Kevin Schluter, LINGUIST List May 2015

To conclude, this publication of the Jibbali texts accompanied with a detailed grammatical description marks an undeniable breakthrough in Jibbali studies and will be of use for many generations of scholars of Modern South Arabian linguistics, of Semitic studies in general as well as of typological linguistics. - Maria Bulakh, Russian State University for the Humanities.
All those interested in the languages and peoples of Arabia, those working in comparative Semitics, and even general linguists. The texts should also be of interest to folklorists and anthropologists.
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