Environment, Trade and Society in Southeast Asia

A Longue Durée Perspective


In Environment, Trade and Society in Southeast Asia: A Longue Durée Perspective, eleven historians bring their knowledge and insights to bear on the long Braudelian sweep of Southeast Asian history. In doing so they seek both to debunk simplistic assumptions about fragile traditions and transformational modernities, and to identify real repeating patterns in Southeast Asia's past: clientelistic political structures, periodic tectonic and climatic disasters, ethnic occupational specializations, long cycles of economic globalization and deglobalization. Their contributions range across many centuries: from the Austronesian expansion to the Aceh tsunami, and from the Sanskrit cosmopolis to the Asian financial crisis. The book is inspired by, and dedicated to, Peter Boomgaard, a scholar whose work has embodied the Braudelian spirit in Southeast Asian historiography.

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David Henley, PhD (1992) Australian National University, is Professor of Contemporary Indonesia Studies at Leiden University. He has published three books, six edited volumes, and many articles on the politics, history and geography of Southeast Asia.

Henk Schulte Nordholt, Ph.D. (1988) VU University Amsterdam, is Head of Research of Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV), Leiden, and Professor of Indonesian History at Leiden University. He has published widely on Indonesian history, on political violence and recent political developments in Indonesia, and on the anthropology of colonialism.
“Since the longue durée is neglected all too often, this volume restores the balance between the short term and long-term in a positive way.”
“Taking account of the long-term opens up the analysis to new viewpoints. […] At the same time, however, much of the present analysis of this volume relies on existing research that is based on in-depth studies with a shorter time span. Obviously, both are needed.”
Marjolein ’t Hart in bmgn - Low Countries Historical Review 131.2 (2016), review 19
doi: 10.18352/bmgn-lchr.10197

Chapter 1
Introduction: Structures, Cycles, and Scratches on Rocks
David Henley and Henk Schulte Nordholt

Chapter 2
Deep Forestry: Shaping the Longue Durée of the Forest in the Philippines
Greg Bankoff

Chapter 3
Breeding and Power in Southeast Asia: Horses and Mules in the Longue Durée
William Clarence Smith

Chapter 4
Under the Volcano: Stabilizing the Early Javanese State in an Unstable Environment
Jan Wisseman Christie

Chapter 5
History and Seismology in the Ring of Fire: Punctuating the Indonesian Past
Anthony Reid

Chapter 6
The Longue Durée in Filipino Demographic History: The Role of Fertility prior to 1800
Linda Newson

Chapter 7
Glimpsing Southeast Asian Naturalia in Global Trade, c. 300 BCE-1600 CE
Raquel A.G. Reyes

Chapter 8
Ages of Commerce in Southeast Asian history
David Henley

Chapter 9
Pursuing the Invisible: Makassar in Context
Heather Sutherland

Chapter 10
The Expansion of Chinese Inter-Insular and Hinterland Trade in Southeast Asia, c. 1400-1850
Kwee Hui Kian

Chapter 11
From Contest State to Patronage Democracy: The Longue Durée of Clientelism in Indonesia
Henk Schulte Nordholt

Chapter 12
Visual History: A Neglected Resource for the Longue Durée
Jean Gelman Taylor

List of Writings of Peter Boomgaard
All interested in Southeast Asian history, and historians in general interested in the Longue Durée
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