Maria Petyt – A Carmelite Mystic in Wartime


Based on the discovery of an unknown Latin manuscript, Maria Petyt - A Carmelite Mystic in Wartime provides surprising new information about the seventeenth century Flemish mystic Maria Petyt (1623-1677) who wrote many letters to her spiritual director, Michael of St. Augustine. The book contains a transcription of the (unfortunately partly damaged) manuscript, an English translation of it, and several articles opening up new horizons concerning the life and spirituality of Maria Petyt and her historical and religious backgrounds. The authors characterize Maria Petyt as a self-confident spiritual daughter with a strong political mission, a zealous figure fighting side by side with Louis XIV for the catholic victory during the Dutch War, and as one who lived and profoundly understood the spirituality of Teresa of Avila.
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Joseph Chalmers OC, S.T.L. (1982), Pontifical Gregorian University Rome, works at the St. Luke Institute in Washington D.C., a therapeutic centre for priests and religious. He has published several books on Carmelite spirituality and prayer, including Let It Be (Saint Albert’s Press, 2010).

Elisabeth Hense T.OC, Ph.D (2001), Radboud University Nijmegen, is Assistant Professor of Spirituality at that university. She has published and edited many monographs, translations and articles on spirituality, including Present-Day Spiritualities - Contrasts and Overlaps (Brill, 2014).

Veronie Meeuwsen M.A. (2010), Radboud University, was junior researcher at the chair of Spirituality at that university in 2011/ 2012. She has published Kritische spiritualiteit – Vruchtbare rationaliteit in oude en nieuwe spiritualiteit (Eburon, 2010).

Esther van de Vate T.OC, M.A. (1992), Protestant Theological University in Kampen, is working on her dissertation about Maria Petyt at Radboud University Nijmegen. She has published several articles, including 'Compassie en religieus leven' (KNR bulletin, 2011).

Contributors are: Mirjam de Baar, Annemarie Bos, Joseph Chalmers, Giovanni Grosso, Elisabeth Hense, Michel van Meerbeeck, Veronie Meeuwsen and Esther van de Vate.

Elisabeth Hense, Veronie Meeuwsen and Esther van de Vate

Part 1
Maria Petyt in her Context

1 Maria Petyt – A Short Biography
Esther van de Vate

2 Maria Petyt against the Background of the Political and Religious Situation in Flanders in the Seventeenth Century
Esther van de Vate

3 Daily Life at the Hermitage in Mechelen at the Time of Maria Petyt (1657–1677)
Michel van Meerbeeck

4 Living as a Spiritual Virgin and Claiming Prophetic Authority: The Parallel Lives of Maria Petyt and Antoinette Bourignon
Mirjam de Baar

Part 2
The Latin Manuscript about the Dutch War and Its interpretations

5 Some Notes on the History of the Latin Manuscript of the Life of Maria Petyt by Michael of St. Augustine
Giovanni Grosso

6 ‘Oh, How Spiritual Directors are Obliged to Remain Silent!’ Michael’s Redaction of the Writings of Maria Petyt: Some Initial Findings
Esther van de Vate

7 The Latin Manuscript about the Dutch War and Its Translation in English
Veronie Meeuwsen (ed.)

8 Maria Petyt’s Support of the French King
Veronie Meeuwsen

9 The Spirituality of Teresa of Avila and the Latin Manuscript about the Dutch War (folios 30r–49v)
Elisabeth Hense

10 The Prophetic Spirituality of Maria Petyt in the Latin Manuscript about the Dutch War
Anne-Marie Bos

Joseph Chalmers
All interested in the seventeenth century Flemish and Carmelite mystic Maria Petyt; and anyone concerned with history of spirituality, Church history or the religious aspects of the Dutch War.
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