Performances of Peace: Utrecht 1713

The Peace of Utrecht (1713), which brought an end to the War of the Spanish Succession, was a milestone in global history. Performances of Peace aims to rethink the significance of the Peace of Utrecht by exploring the nexus between culture and politics. For too long, cultural and political historians have studied early modern international relations in isolation. By studying the political as well as the cultural aspects of this peace (and its concomitant paradoxes) from a broader perspective, this volume aims to shed new light on the relation between diplomacy and performative culture in the public sphere.

Contributors are: Samia Al-Shayban, Lucien Bély, Renger E. de Bruin, Suzan van Dijk, Heinz Duchhardt, Julie Farguson, Linda Frey, Marsha Frey, Willem Frijhoff, Henriette Goldwyn, Cornelis van der Haven, Clare Jackson, Lotte Jensen, Phil McCluskey, Jane O. Newman, Aaron Alejandro Olivas, David Onnekink.

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Renger E. de Bruin, Ph.D. (1986), is curator at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. Moreover, he was a Professor of Utrecht Studies from 2001 to 2011. In 2013 he curated an exhibition on the Treaty of Utrecht in the Centraal Museum, which travelled later to Madrid, Rastatt and Baden.

Cornelis van der Haven, Ph.D. (2008), is Assistant Professor at Ghent University in the field of early modern Dutch literature. He published widely about Dutch and German literary history of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with a strong focus on the role of literature in shaping cultural and social identities.

Lotte Jensen, Ph.D. (2001), is Associate Professor of Dutch Literary History at Radboud University, Nijmegen. She has published widely on Dutch historical literature, Dutch cultural history and national identity formation.

David Onnekink, Ph.D (2004), is Assistant Professor in the History of International Relations section of the Department of History of the University of Utrecht. He is interested in early modern foreign policy, and the author of The Anglo-Dutch Favourite. The career of Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (Ashgate, 2007).
The book is freely available in Open Access online.

List of Illustrations ... ix
Notes on Contributors ... xi

Introduction ... 1
Renger E. de Bruin, Cornelis van der Haven, Lotte Jensen and David Onnekink

Part 1
The Diplomatic Stage

1 The Olive and the Horse: The Eighteenth-Century Culture of Diplomacy ... 25
Linda Frey and Marsha Frey

2 Behind the Stage: The Global Dimension of the Negotiations ... 40
Lucien Bély

3 ‘Enemies of their patrie’? Savoyard Identity and the Dilemmas of War, 1690–1713 ... 53
Phil McCluskey

4 Pride and Prejudice: Universal Monarchy Discourse and the Peace Negotiations of 1709–1710 ... 69
David Onnekink

Part 2
The Publicity Stage

5 Madame Du Noyer Presenting and Re-presenting the Peace of Utrecht ... 95
Henriette Goldwyn and Suzan van Dijk

6 ‘Dieu veuille que cette Paix soit de longue durée . . .’ The History of the Congress and the Peace of Utrecht by Casimir Freschot ... 114
Heinz Duchhardt

7 The Treaty of Utrecht and Addison’s Cato: Britain’s War of the Spanish Succession, Peace and the Imperial Road Map ... 123
Samia Al-Shayban

8 Jonathan Swift’s Peace of Utrecht ... 142
Clare Jackson

9 Visions of Europe: Contrasts and Combinations of National and European Identities in Literary Representations of the Peace of Utrecht (1713) ... 159
Lotte Jensen

Part 3
The Theatrical Stage

10 Theatres of War and Diplomacy on the Early-Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam Stage ... 181
Cornelis van der Haven

11 Performance and Propaganda in Spanish America during the War of the Spanish Succession ... 197
Aaron Alejandro Olivas

12 Promoting the Peace: Queen Anne and the Public Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral ... 207
Julie Farguson

13 Fiery Metaphors in the Public Space: Celebratory Culture and Political Consciousness around the Peace of Utrecht ... 223
Willem Frijhoff

Part 4
The Commemorative Stage

14 Memory Theatre: Remembering the Peace after Three Hundred Years ... 251
Jane O. Newman

15 Peace Was Made Here: The Tercentennial of the Treaty of Utrecht, 2013–2015 ... 266
Renger E. de Bruin

Index ... 283
All interested in eighteenth century studies, in particular cultural, political and literary historians.
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