Expectations Unfulfilled: Norwegian Migrants in Latin America, 1820-1940


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In Expectations Unfulfilled: Norwegian Migrants in Latin America, 1820-1940 scholars from Europe and Latin America study the experiences of workers, sailors, whalers, landowners, intellectuals and investors who migrated from Norway to Latin America during the age of mass migration. One recurrent theme is the absence of a large migratory stream from Norway to Latin America. In relative terms, Norwegian emigration was among the highest in Europe. Latin America was one of the principal receivers of migrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Why, then, did so few Norwegians end up in Latin America? Combining different levels of analysis, the authors explain how Norwegians experienced Latin America, and how their experiences were communicated to potential migrants at home.

Contributors are: María Alvarez Solar, Cecilia Alvstad, María Bjerg, Mieke Neyens, Synnøve Ones Rosales, Ricardo Pérez Montfort, Steinar A. Sæther and Ellen Woortmann.
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Steinar A. Sæther, Ph.D. (2002), University of Warwick, is Associate Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Oslo. Apart from Identidades e independencia en Santa Marta y Riohacha, 1750-1850 (Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, 2005), he has published mainly on Latin American social history.
"On l’aura compris, cet ouvrage a le mérite de proposer un ensemble d’articles sur l’immigration norvégienne en Amérique latine (Brésil, Argentine, Mexique, Cuba, Guatemala) par l’étude de très petits groupes d’immigrants si on les compare aux autres groupes d’immigrants européens dans ce vaste territoire. il montre combien le champ est large, pourquoi le phénomène demeure peu connu et combien il reste à faire dans le domaine. Comme lecteur, on ne peut qu’encourager la mise en route d’autres études, notamment sur des colonies ou communautés plus construites, études qui pourraient intégrer une dimension comparative avec les communautés norvégiennes aux états-Unis à la même époque."
- Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga, in: Annales de Démographie Historique, 2017 n° 1 pp. 205 -209
Acknowledgements ... vii
List of Figures, Tables and Maps ... viii
List of Contributors ... x

1 Introduction ... 1
Steinar A. Sæther

2 Making Sense of a Minor Migrant Stream ... 17
Steinar A. Sæther

3 From Adventurers to Settlers: Norwegians in Southern Brazil ... 57
Ellen Fensterseifer Woortmann

4 Migrants on Skis: Norwegian-Latin American Return Migration in the 1890s ... 77
Cecilia Alvstad

5 The Good, the Bad and the Rational: Desirable and Undesirable Migration to Cuba and Mexico (1907–1909) ... 102
Mieke Neyens

6 Opportunities for the Few and Select: Norwegians in Guatemala (1900–1940) ... 127
Synnøve Ones Rosales

7 Male Narratives from the Margins of the Country of Immigrants: Two Norwegians in Argentina in the 1920s ... 162
María Bjerg

8 Three Norwegian Experiences in Post-Revolutionary Mexico: Per Imerslund, Halfdan Jebe and Ola Apenes ... 184
Ricardo Pérez Montfort

9 The Blikstad Family: Saga of Emigrants in Norway, Spain, and Brazil ... 225
María Álvarez-Solar

List of Works Cited ... 241
Index ... 255
All interested in the history of migration, especially the emigration from Scandinavia and the immigration to Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries of smaller ethnic groups.
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