Entrepreneurship in Africa


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Historically, entrepreneurs have always played a central role in the development of nation states. Aside from rentier states, which depend extensively on the availability of mineral resource rents, most economically prosperous nations in the world have strong, innovative and competitive business enterprises and entrepreneurs as the bedrock of their economic development and prosperity. It was arguably because of the above historical fact that the World Bank in 1989 declared that entrepreneurs will play a central role in transforming African economies. Chapters in this book contribute to our understanding of the theory, structure and practice of entrepreneurship in diverse African countries. Case studies examined include: African multinational banks and businesses, female entrepreneurs, culture and entrepreneurship, finance and entrepreneurship and SMEs.

Contributors include: Akinyinka Akinyoade, Kenneth Amaeshi, Crescence Marie France Okah Atenga, Ton Dietz, Françoise Okah Efogo, Emiel L. Eijdenberg, Abel Ezeoha, Yagoub Ali Gangi, Miguel Heilbron, Uwafiokun Idemudia, Nsubili Isaga, Afam Ituma, Jane N. O. Khayesi, Rebecca I. Kiconco, Jerry Kolo, Peter Knorringa, Addisu Lashitew, André Leliveld, Marta Lindvert, Nnamdi Madichie, Hesham E. Mohamed, Knowledge C. Mpofu, Albogast Kilangi Musabila, Ayodeji Olukoju, Eunice Abam Quaye, Miriam Siun, Arthur Sserwanga, Rob van Tulder, Chibuike Uche and Jaap Voeten.

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Akinyinka Akinyoade, PhD (2007), International Institute of Social Studies Den Haag, is Senior Researcher at Leiden University, African Studies Centre. He has published articles and books on Africa, including African Roads to Prosperity: People en Route to Socio-cultural and Economic Transformations (Brill 2015).

Ton Dietz, PhD (1987), University of Amsterdam, was director of the African Studies Centre Leiden, and Professor African Development at the Leiden University, as well as guest professor Human Geography at the University of Amsterdam. He has published many monographs, edited books, journal articles and other publications, many of those about Africa. Recent example (together with others): African Engagements. Africa Negotiating an Emerging Multipolar World (Brill 2011).

Chibuike Uche, PhD (1997), London School of Economics, is the chairholder of the Stephen Ellis Chair for the Governance of Finance and Integrity in Africa at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University. His current research interests include corporate governance and ethics, financial regulation and business history.

List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors 1 IntroductionAkinyinka Akinyoade, Ton Dietz and Chibuike Uche

Part 1: Examination of Related Theories and Innovations

2 Methodological Challenges of Entrepreneurship Research in the Least Developed East African CountriesEmiel L. Eijdenberg 3 Africapitalism: A Management Idea for Business in Africa?Kenneth Amaeshi and Uwafiokun Idemudia 4 Inclusive Business in Africa: Priorities, Strategies and ChallengesAddisu A. Lashitew and Rob van Tulder 5 Innovation as a Key to Success? Case Studies of Innovative Start-ups in Kenya and NigeriaMiguel Heilbron, André Leliveld and Peter Knorringa 6 Innovation in Manufacturing smes in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania: A Grounded View on the Research and Policy IssuesJaap Voeten

Part 2: Entrepreneurship Development, Country Studies

7 An Institutional Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development in NigeriaAbel Ezeoha and Afam Ituma 8 Entrepreneurship Development in Africa: Insights from Nigeria’s and Zimbabwe’s TelecomsNnamdi O. Madichie, Knowledge Mpofu and Jerry Kolo 9 The Development of Entrepreneurship in Sudan 209Yagoub Ali Gangi and Hesham E. Mohammed 10 Challenges to Entrepreneurship Development in TanzaniaNsubili Isaga and Albogast Musabila 11 Institutional and Contextual Factors Effects on Entrepreneurship in Cameroon: The Case of the Transport SectorFrançoise Okah-Efogo and Crescence Marie-France Okah-Atenga

Part 3: Entrepreneurship and Sectoral Considerations or Determinants

12 Dangote Cement: The Challenges of Pan-African ExpansionAkinyinka Akinyoade and Chibuike Uche 13 Culture as a Facilitator and a Barrier to Entrepreneurship Development in UgandaJane N.O. Khayesi, Arthur Sserwanga and Rebecca Kiconco 14 African Women Large-Scale Entrepreneurs: Cases from Angola, Nigeria and GhanaMiriam Siun, Akinyinka Akinyoade and Ewurabena Quaye 15 Financial Barriers and How to Overcome Them: The Case of Women Entrepreneurs in TanzaniaMarta Lindvert 16 Gentlemanly Capitalism and Entrepreneurial Management: Formation and Rise of Nigeria’s Guaranty Trust Bank, 1990–2002Ayodeji Olukoju 17 Indigenous Banking Enterprises: The Rise of Nigerian Multinational BanksChibuike Uche

This book will interest readers interested in understanding the dynamics of indigenous businesses in Africa and African entrepreneurship and the impact of government policies in the development of African enterprises.
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