The Linguistic Landscape of the Indian Himalayas

Languages in Kinnaur


This monograph is a contribution to the documentation of the linguistic situation of the Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh (Indian Himalayas) which has been so far almost undescribed. The Sino-Tibetan languages Kinnauri and Navakat and the Indo-Aryan language Kinnauri Pahari, all spoken in Kinnaur, are described both individually and as parts of a multifaceted linguistic ecology that extends into the surrounding wider Himalayan region.
The author combines traditional linguistic description and a quantitative computational procedure to disentangle genealogical and areal characteristics of the languages of Kinnaur.
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Anju Saxena, Ph.D. (1992), University of Oregon, is Professor of Linguistics at Uppsala University. She has long experience with researching and conducting fieldwork on South Asian languages. Her publications include Himalayan Languages (De Gruyter Mouton, 2004) and the co-edited volume Approaches to Measuring Linguistic Differences (De Gruyter Mouton, 2013). She has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics (De Gruyter Mouton) and as Series Editor of Brill’s Studies in South and Southwest Asian Languages (Brill).
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Notation, Terminology and Abbreviations

1 Introduction—Kinnaur: Geography, Demography and Languages
 1 Introduction
 2 The Geography of Kinnaur
 3 Administrative Units in Kinnaur
 4 Demography of Kinnaur
 5 Number of KST Speakers
 6 Some Questions to Be Addressed in This Work

2 A Linguistic Sketch of Kinnauri
 1 Introduction
 2 Phonology
 3 Noun Phrase
 4 The Verb Complex
 5 Clauses and Sentences
Appendix 2A: Kinnauri Basic Vocabulary (by Anju Saxena and Santosh Negi)

3 A Linguistic Sketch of Navakat
 1 Introduction
 2 Phonology
 3 Noun Phrase
 4 The Verb Complex
 5 Clauses and Sentences
Appendix 3A: Classical Tibetan Verb Stems and Their Correspondences in Navakat
Appendix 3B: Navakat Basic Vocabulary (by Anju Saxena and Padam Sagar)

4 A Linguistic Sketch of Kinnauri Pahari
 1 Introduction
 2 Phonology
 3 Noun Phrase
 4 The Verb Complex
 5 Clauses and Sentences
Appendix 4A: Some Comparisons between Kinnauri Pahari and Other Pahari Languages
Appendix 4B: Kinnauri Pahari Basic Vocabulary (by Anju Saxena and Vikram Negi)

5 Linguistic Relationships in Kinnaur I: Sino-Tibetan
 1 Introduction
 2 Data Collection
 3 Methodology
 4 Towards Linguistically Informed Computational Lexicostatistics
 5 Results: Vocabulary
 6 Results: Grammatical Features
 7 KST Varieties and Their Classification
Appendix 5A: Questionnaire Items and Vocabulary Comparison Tables

6 Linguistic Relationships in Kinnaur II: Language Contact between Sino-Tibetan and Indo-Aryan
 1 Introduction
 2 Language Contact in Kinnaur
 3 Kinnauri and Kinnauri Pahari: Shared Linguistic Features
 4 Summary

7 The Many-Faceted Linguistic Landscape of Kinnaur

Scholars, students and others interested in: language typology, language documentation, language contact, language change and shift, Tibeto-Burman languages, Sino-Tibetan languages, Indo-Aryan languages, languages of the Himalayas, South Asian linguistics.
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