Sola Scriptura

Biblical and Theological Perspectives on Scripture, Authority, and Hermeneutics


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Sola Scriptura offers a multi-disciplinary reflection on the theme of the priority and importance of Scripture in theology, from historical, biblical-theological and systematic-theological perspectives, aiming at the interaction between exegesis and dogmatics. Brian Brock and Kevin J. Vanhoozer offer concluding reflections on the theme, bringing the various contributions together.
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Hans Burger, Ph.D. (2008), Theological University Kampen, is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at that university. He has published a book and articles on ‘being in Christ’, on the doctrine of atonement, the doctrine of Scripture and on hermeneutics.
Arnold Huijgen, Ph.D. (2011), Theological University Apeldoorn, is Professor of Systematic Theology at the Theological University Apeldoorn. He obtained his Ph.D. from the same university in 2011. He specializes in Reformed theology, hermeneutics, and the doctrine of the Trinity.
Eric Peels, Ph.D. (1992), Theological University of Apeldoorn, is Professor of Old Testament Studies at that university. He has published books and articles on the Old Testament image of God, and the exegesis and theology of Jeremiah.
"Het boeiende van deze uitgave is haar veelzijdigheid. Er worden systematische, Bijbelse, historische en praktisch-theologische perspectieven aangereikt. De bundel besluit met enkele samenvattende bespiegelingen van Brian Brock en Vanhoozer." - K. van der Zwaag, in: Protestants Nederland, Volume 84.1 (2019) [Transl.: The fascinating aspect about this edition is its versatility. Systematic, biblical, historical and practical-theological perspectives are provided. The collection concludes with a few summarizing reflections by Brian Brock and Vanhoozer."]
List of Contributors
Hans Burger, Arnold Huijgen and Eric Peels
Part I. Systematic Perspectives
1 Contra et Pro Sola Scriptura
Maarten Wisse
2 The Problematic Character of Sola Scriptura
Henk van den Belt
3 Foundation or Perspective? On the Usefulness of Formation and Epistemology
Hans Burger
4 Alone Together. Sola Scriptura and the Other Solas of the Reformation
Arnold Huijgen
5 Hermeneutical Theology as Contemporary Rendition of the Sola Scriptura
Willem Maarten Dekker
Part II. Biblical Perspectives
6 Oral Tradition in the Old Testament and Judaism
Mart-Jan Paul
7 “And Moses Wrote This Torah”: Canon Formulas and the Theology of Writing in Deuteronomy
Arie Versluis
8 “How the Mighty Have Fallen”: Sola Scriptura and the Historical Debate on David as a Southern Levantine Warlord
Koert van Bekkum
9 “And it Shall Come to Pass in Those Days …” Eschatological Prophecy Between Literalizing and Spiritualizing
Eric Peels
10 Sacra Scriptura Sui Ipsius Interpres: Reinterpretation in the Book of Isaiah
Jaap Dekker
11 Sola Scriptura and the Imperfection of the Hebrew Text
Reinoud Oosting
12 Reading the Bible with Multifocal Lenses
Rob van Houwelingen
Part III. Historical Perspectives
13 Sola Scriptura: The Relevance of Luther’s Use of Sola Scriptura in De Servo Arbitrio
Willem van Vlastuin
14 Sola Scriptura and Calvin’s Appeal to Chrysostom’s Exegesis
Jeannette Kreijkes-van Esch
Part IV. Practical Theological Perspectives
15 Sola Scriptura as Social Construction. A Practical Theological Approach
Jack Barentsen and Léon van Ommen
16 Sola Scriptura and the Formative Role of Practical Theology
Hans Schaeffer
Part V. Concluding Reflections
17 The Communio Sanctorum as Scripture’s Home: Sola, Singing and the Literal Sense
Brian Brock
18 Sola Scriptura Means Scripture first! A “Mere Protestant” Dogmatic Account (and Response)
Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Scholars in theology and all interested in the role and importance of the Bible both in the academy and the church.
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