Writing Development in Struggling Learners

Understanding the Needs of Writers across the Lifecourse


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In Writing Development in Struggling Learners, international writing researchers provide critical insights into the development of writing skills for individuals who struggle to become profi cient writers. This edited volume takes a life course view and examines concepts for development of writing skills with a focus on where learners struggle, why this may occur for those without and without specifi c learning disorders, how to identify these learners and what we can do to facilitate effi cient writing. Throughout the volume, struggling learners are presented via a holistic lens; contributors succinctly synthesize the literature base and present insights into the current state of the science and areas of future need and advancement.
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Brett Miller, PhD (2004), University of Massachusetts Amherst, is Program Director of the Reading, Writing and Related Learning Disabilities research program at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. He has published numerous articles and co-edited volumes on learning disabilities.

Peggy McCardle, Ph.D., M.P.H., is President/Consultant, Peggy McCardle Consulting, LLC, and an affiliated research scientist at Haskins Laboratories. Her publications address public health and developmental psycholinguistics, and her current projects address literacy, English language learners, and learning difficulties.

Vince Connelly, PhD (1995), University of St. Andrews, UK is Programme Lead for Psychology at Oxford Brookes University. He has published numerous articles on learning to read and also on learning to write with an emphasis on struggling writers.

Contributors are: Barbara Arfé, Ruth Huntley Bahr, Anna Barnett, Virginia Berninger, Vincent Connelly, Sarah Critten, Julie Dockrell, Noel Gregg, Harriet Jisa, Christer Johansson, Susan Jones, ; Peggy McCardle, Brett Miller, Margunn Mossige, Debra Myhill, William Nagy, Jason Nelson, Lynsey O'Rourke, Vibeke Rønneberg, David Rose, Elaine Silliman, Liliana Tolchinsky, Mark Torrance, Per Henning Uppstad, Kirsty Walter, and Åsa Wengelin.
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1 The Development of Writing Skills in Individuals with Learning Difficulties: An Introduction
Peggy McCardle, Vincent Connelly, and Brett Miller

Models of Writing

2 Understanding Writing Difficulties through a Model of the Cognitive Processes Involved in Writing
Lynsey O’Rourke, Vincent Connelly, and Anna Barnett

3 The Complementary Relationships between Reading and Writing in Children with and without Writing Difficulties
Åsa Wengelin and Barbara Arfé

Writing Development

4 The Multifaceted Development of Writing
Liliana Tolchinsky and Harriet Jisa

5 Empirical Studies on the Writing Abilities of Adolescents and Adults with Learning Difficulties
Noel Gregg and Jason Nelson

Instructional and Intervention Approaches

6 Language Bases of Spelling in Writing during Early and Middle Childhood: Grounding Applications to Struggling Writers in Typical Writing Development
Elaine Silliman, Ruth Huntley Bahr, William Nagy, and Virginia Berninger

7 Why Bother with Writers? Towards “Good Enough” Technologies for Supporting Individuals with Dyslexia
Vibeke Rønneberg, Christer Johansson, Margunn Mossige, Mark Torrance, and Per Henning Uppstad

8 Lost for Words: Instructional Approaches to Support Adolescent Struggling Writers
Debra Myhill and Susan Jones

9 Evaluating the Task of Language Learning
David Rose


10 The Role of Curriculum Based Measures in Assessing Writing Products
Julie Dockrell, Vincent Connelly, Kirsty Walter, and Sarah Critten


11 Approaches to Improving Writing Research, Instruction, and Performance
Peggy McCardle, Brett Miller, and Vincent Connelly

Academic libraries, graduate students; post-graduate researchers; literacy researchers; educated lay persons; literacy specialists; primary/secondary educators.
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