Trust in Contemporary Society


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Trust in Contemporary Society, by well-known trust researchers, deals with conceptual, theoretical and social interaction analyses, historical data on societies, national surveys or cross-national comparative studies, and methodological issues related to trust. The authors are from a variety of disciplines: psychology, sociology, political science, organizational studies, history, and philosophy, and from Britain, the United States, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Japan. They bring their vast knowledge from different historical and cultural backgrounds to illuminate contemporary issues of trust and distrust. The socio-cultural perspective of trust is important and increasingly acknowledged as central to trust research. Accordingly, future directions for comparative trust research are also discussed.

Contributors include: Jack Barbalet, John Brehm, Geoffrey Hosking, Robert Marsh, Barbara A. Misztal, Guido Möllering, Bart Nooteboom, Ken J. Rotenberg, Jiří Šafr, Masamichi Sasaki, Meg Savel, Markéta Sedláčková, Jörg Sydow, Piotr Sztompka.
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Masamichi Sasaki (Ph.D., Princeton, 1980), former Professor, Chuo University, Tokyo; Founding Editor of the journal Comparative Sociology (Brill). Recent publications include: “A Comparative Analysis of Trust among Megacities,” Development and Society, Vol. 45, 2016; Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology (co-edited with J. Goldstone, E. Zimmermann and S. Sanderson), Brill, 2014; Trust: Comparative Perspectives (co-edited with R. Marsh), Brill, 2012.
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Masamichi Sasaki

Part 1: Conceptual and Theoretical Perspectives

1 The Experience of Trust: Its Content and Basis
Jack Barbalet
2 Trust in the Moral Space
Piotr Sztompka
3 Trust in Habit: A Way of Coping in Unsettled Times
Barbara A. Misztal
4 Uncertainty and the Economic Need for Trust
Bart Nooteboom

Part 2: Historical Perspectives

5 The Decline of Trust in Government
Geoffrey Hosking
6 Trust in Transition: Culturalist and Institutionalist Debate Reflected in the Democratization Process in the Czech Republic, 1991–2008
Markéta Sedláčková and Jiří Šafr

Part 3: Dynamics of Organizational and Interpersonal Interaction

7 Trust Trap? Self-Reinforcing Processes in the Constitution of Inter-organizational Trust
Guido Möllering and Jörg Sydow
8 The Relation between Interpersonal Trust and Adjustment: Is Trust Always Good?
Ken J. Rotenberg

Part 4: Cross-National Comparative Studies

9 A Cross-National Study of Criteria for Judging the Trustworthiness of Others before a First Meeting
Masamichi Sasaki
10 Social Trust in Japan and Taiwan: A Test of Fukuyama’s Thesis
Robert Marsh

Part 5: Methodology

11 What Do Survey Measures of Trust Actually Measure?
John Brehm and Meg Savel

All interested in trust research in psychology, sociology, political science, economics, organizational and management studies, history, comparative study, area studies, survey research.
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