Paul Muldoon and the Language of Poetry


Paul Muldoon and the Language of Poetry is the first book in years that attends to the entire oeuvre of the Irish-American poet, critic, lyricist, dramatist and Princeton professor from his debut with New Weather in 1973 up to his very recent publications. Ruben Moi’s book explores, in correspondence with language philosophy and critical debate, how Muldoon’s ingenious language and inventive form give shape and significance to his poetry, and how his linguistic panache and technical verve keep language forever surprising, new and alive.
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Ruben Moi, Ph.D. (2005), University of Bergen, is Associate Professor of Irish and English literature at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Previous publications include The Crossings of Art in Ireland (2014).
It is thorough and smart, theoretically savvy and deeply engaged with practical readings of the poems. It will add to the critical work that has already been written on Muldoon and be of great use to both the general reader and the academic one. [Jefferson Holdridge], Wake Forest University

1 New Weather

2 Mules

3 Why Brownlee Left

4 Quoof

5 Meeting the British

6 Madoc

7 The Annals of Chile

8 Hay

9 Moy Sand and Gravel

10 Horse Latitudes

11 Maggot

12 One Thousand Things Worth Knowing
All interested in poetry and writing from Ireland and the English-speaking world, and in the enigma of language.
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