The Islamic Funerary Inscriptions of Bahrain, Pre-1317 AH/1900 AD


In The Islamic Funerary Inscriptions of Bahrain, Pre-1317 AH/1900 AD, the authors present a study of the funerary inscriptions based upon fieldwork completed in Bahrain between 2013-2015. A comprehensive illustrated catalogue of 150 gravestones in 26 locations is provided with transcription of the inscriptions into modern Arabic and translation into English. Subjects considered include: the history of Islamic burial, gravestone, and cemetery research on Bahrain, gravestone chronology, gravestone and cemetery types, stone sources and gravestone manufacture, the gravestone inscriptions, content, iconography and decoration, and the archaeology of the shrines and cemeteries in which some of the gravestones were found, contemporary practices relating to cemeteries, graves, and gravestones, the threats facing the gravestones, and management options for protecting and presenting the gravestones.
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Timothy Insoll Ph.D. (1996), Cambridge University, is Al-Qasimi Professor of African and Islamic Archaeology in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter. He has published extensively on African and Islamic archaeology, including Material Explorations in African Archaeology (OUP, 2015), and has current field projects in Bahrain and Ethiopia. Salman Almahari, Ph.D. (2013), Cairo University is Head of the Archaeological Conservation Department at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities. He has published two books, Archaeological Sites in Bahrain: Threats & Challenges, Conservation and Management (Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, 2009), and Conservation of Historic Buildings, Buildings from Muharraq in Bahrain (ICCROM, 2018). Rachel MacLean, Ph.D. (1996), Cambridge University, is an independent researcher who has co-directed projects in northern Ghana and Bahrain and directed projects in Uganda. She co-authored the Archaeological Guide to Bahrain (Archaeopress, 2011), and Temporalising Anthropology, Archaeology in the Talensi Tong Hills (Africa Magna Verlag, 2013).
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All interested in Islamic art and epigraphy, and the archaeology and history of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf
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