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Combining theoretical and empirical approaches, this volume offers a wide-ranging survey of periodical research today. It illustrates the shift from content-related investigations and archival recovery to multidisciplinary analyses which consider, for instance, how magazines, newspapers, and other serial print products shape our opinions and help us to form like-minded communities. International specialists explore periodicals as relational artefacts, highlighting editorial constellations, material conditions, translation, design, marketing, and the consumption of newspapers and magazines from the late seventeenth to the twenty-first century. A must-read for academic and interested readers who wish to explore new and relevant ways to analyze periodicals.
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Jutta Ernst is Professor of North American Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. Among her more recent publications are Shifting Grounds: Cultural Tectonics along the Pacific Rim (2020, co-edited with Brigitte Johanna Glaser) and Amerikanische Modernismen: Schreibweisen, Konzepte und zeitgenössische Periodika als Vermittlungsinstanzen (2018).

Dagmar von Hoff is Professor of German Literature and Chair of German Media Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. Major recent publications include a critical edition of Frank Wedekind's Frühlings Erwachen: Eine Kindertragödie, (ed., 2020).

Oliver Scheiding is Professor of North American Literature and Culture at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. His new book Print Technologies and the Emergence of American Literary Culture is planned for 2023.
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Introduction: Periodical Studies as a Transepistemic Field
Jutta Ernst and Oliver Scheiding

i: Seriality and Order

Seriality and Order
Oliver Scheiding

1 The Object of Periodical Studies
Gustav Frank and Madleen Podewski

2 Reading Illustrated Magazines with Wittgenstein: Methodological Approaches to the Visual Seriality of Illustrated Magazines (1880–1910)
Vincent Fröhlich

ii: Materiality

Oliver Scheiding

3 Signifikanz des Typographischen oder Was Kleists »Marionettentheater« mit Extrablättern vom April 1814 anläßlich der Einnahme von Paris verbindet: Konzeptuelle Überlegungen zum materialphilologischen Umgang mit »Journalliteratur«
Nicola Kaminski

4 Die Illustration als parole condensée für geistig Arme? Explizite und implizite Selbstreflexion im Magasin Pittoresque (1833)
Andreas Beck

5 Millions of Old Newspapers: Back Number Budd and the Materiality of the Periodical
Ellen Gruber Garvey

iii: Multimodality

Oliver Scheiding

6 The Semiotic Work Design Can Do: A Multimodal Approach to Visual Storytelling
Hans-Martin Rall and Wibke Weber

7 Magazines, Affects, and Atmosphere
Sabina Fazli

8 Indie Magazines and the Metafunction of Visual Identity
Abby Hohenstatt

iv: Translation

Jutta Ernst

9 Translation and Periodical Studies: The Pionier’s Rewriting of Frank Norris’s The Octopus
Florian Freitag

10 Transnationale Avantgarde-Zeitschriften als Verhandlungsforen europäischer Kunst, Gesellschaft und Politik: Contimporanul und Integral
Iulia-Karin Patrut

v: Infrastructure and Agency

Infrastructure and Agency
Oliver Scheiding

11 Die Zeitung als Akteur: Theoretische, heuristische und methodische Zugänge in der modernen Mediengeschichte
Maximilian Kutzner

12 Under the Cover of Religious Periodicals: Magazine Agency and Newsroom Practice
Oliver Scheiding and Anja-Maria Bassimir

vi: Community

Jutta Ernst

13 Metropolitan Communities: Periodicity and Participation in Late Nineteenth-Century Popular Lecturing and Penny Fiction Weeklies
Anne-Julia Zwierlein

14 Romanticism’s Little Magazines: The Nineteenth-Century Avant-Garde and Collective Position-Taking in The Dial
Clemens Spahr

vii: Location and Transfer

Location and Transfer
Jutta Ernst

15 Reenvisioning the Canon: Three Early American Printers and Their Transnational Routes
Mark J. Noonan

16 The Periodical Press in the Upper Rhine (1780–1810): Cultural Transfers and Cross-Border Figures
Anaïs Nagel

17 Transcultural Careers in the Periodical Press: Fleury Mesplet and Paul-Marc Sauvalle as Transatlantic Mediators
Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink

The volume addresses specialists and (post-graduate) students from literary and cultural studies, media and communication studies, journalism studies, translation studies, and library science as well as a more general readership interested in print culture and the history of the book.
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