International Organizations and the Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution

AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2019


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This second volume of the AIIB Yearbook of International Law examines the role of international organizations in promoting effective dispute resolution. It is divided into five parts to reflect a series of overarching themes and relationships. Firstly, international arbitration’s effectiveness and affinity with multilateral institutions. Second, international organizations as proponents of the norms of dispute resolution. Third, the dispute resolution mandates of international organizations. Fourth, the role of dispute resolution and economic development. Together, this diversity of perspectives offers convincing evidence that effective dispute resolution is a precondition to successful economic development—and that international organizations have an essential role to play in promoting both.

The fifth part presents the 2018 AIIB Law Lecture given by Georg Nolte, Chair of the International Law Commission, on the subject of ‘International Organizations in the Recent Work of the International Law Commission’ and the 2018 AIIB Legal Conference Report.
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Peter Quayle is Chief Counsel, Corporate at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. He is Visiting Professor of International Organizations Law at Peking University Law School.

Xuan Gao is Chief Counsel, Institutional at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. He is the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law.
1 Introduction: International Organizations and the Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution
Peter Quayle and Xuan Gao

Part 1: International Arbitration’s Effectiveness and Affinity with Multilateral Institutions

2 An Effective Platform for International Arbitration: Raising the Standards in Speed, Costs and Enforceability
Cavinder Bull
3 What makes for Effective Arbitration? A Case Study of the London Court of International Arbitration Rules
Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof and Romilly Holland
4 The Contributions of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre to Effective International Dispute Resolution
Matthew Gearing and Joe Liu
5 Resolving Disputes in China: New and Sometimes Unpredictable Developments
Jingzhou Tao and Mariana Zhong

Part 2: International Organizations as Proponents of the Norms of Dispute Resolution

6 The Role of International Organizations in Fostering Legitimacy in Dispute Resolution
Hugo Siblesz
7 The Role of International Organizations in Promoting Effective Dispute Resolution in the 21st Century
Locknie Hsu

Part 3: The Dispute Resolution Mandates of International Organizations

8 The World Bank and the Creation of the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes: Legality and Legitimacy
Wenwen Liang
9 Dispute Regulation in the Institutional Development of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Establishing the Normative Legal Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative
Malik R. Dahlan
10 The World Trade Organization and the Promotion of Effective Dispute Resolution: In Times of a Trade War
Asif H. Qureshi

Part 4: The Role of Dispute Resolution and Economic Development

11 Development Financing of Dispute Resolution Reform Projects: The Evolving Approach of the Asian Development Bank
Ramit Nagpal and Christina Pak
12 Commercial Dispute Resolution: Unlocking Economic Potential Through Lighthouse Projects
Andreas Baumgartner
13 The Evolution of Mediation in Central Asia: The Perspective of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Marie-Anne Birken and Kim O’Sullivan

Part 5: 2018 AIIB Law Lecture and Legal Conference

14 2018 AIIB Law Lecture: International Organizations in the Recent Work of the International Law Commission
Georg Nolte
15 2018 AIIB Legal Conference Report
Ranjini Ramakrishnan
All international legal practitioners, academics and students interested in international law, international organizations (including international financial institutions), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank generally, and the international legal status and accountability of multilateral institutions, together with international dispute resolution.
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