Sinophone Southeast Asia

Sinitic Voices across the Southern Seas


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This volume explores the diverse linguistic landscape of Southeast Asia’s Chinese communities. Based on archival research and previously unpublished linguistic fieldwork, it unearths a wide variety of language histories, linguistic practices, and trajectories of words. The localized and often marginalized voices we bring to the spotlight are quickly disappearing in the wake of standardization and homogenization, yet they tell a story that is uniquely Southeast Asian in its rich hybridity. Our comparative scope and focus on language, analysed in tandem with history and culture, adds a refreshing dimension to the broader field of Sino-Southeast Asian Studies.
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Caroline Chia, Ph.D. (2016), is research fellow at National University of Singapore. She published her monograph Hokkien Theatre Across the Seas: A Sociocultural Study (Springer 2019). Her forthcoming publication is Forgotten Heritage: A Graphic Introduction of Traditional Chinese Puppet Forms in Singapore.

Tom Hoogervorst, Ph.D. (2013), Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, is a researcher on Southeast Asian language history. His most recent monograph is Language Ungoverned: Indonesia's Chinese Print Entrepreneurs, 1911-1949 (Cornell, 2021).
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1 From Ang moh 紅毛 to Phi jun 批准: The Role of Southern Min in Early Contacts between Chinese and European Languages
Picus Sizhi Ding

2 At the Periphery of Nanyang: The Hakka Community of Timor-Leste
Juliette Huber

3 Language Contact and Lexical Changes in Khmer and Teochew in Cambodia and Beyond
Joanna Rose McFarland

4 The Nature of Sinitic Lexicon in Bazaar Malay and Baba Malay in Singapore
Khin Khin Aye

5 Native Lexical Innovation in Penang Hokkien: Thinking beyond Rojak
Catherine Churchman

6 A Preliminary Study of Kaoka 高甲 Playscripts in the Philippines
Caroline Chia

7 “Do You Love China or Not?”: Late-Colonial Textbooks to Learn Mandarin through Malay
Tom Hoogervorst

Students, scholars, (academic) libraries, community organizations, heritage organizations; linguistics, Southeast Asia Studies, East Asia Studies, Overseas Chinese
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