The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange (Expanded Edition)

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The Medieval Iberian Treasury in the Context of Cultural Interchange—expanded beyond the special issue of Medieval Encounters from which it was drawn—centers on the magnificent treasury of San Isidoro de León to address wider questions about the meanings of cross-cultural luxury goods in royal-ecclesiastical settings during the central Middle Ages. Now fully open access and with an updated introduction to ongoing research, an additional chapter, composite bibliographies, and indices, this multidisciplinary volume opens fresh ways into the investigation of medieval objects and textiles through historical, art historical, and technical analyses. Carbon-14 dating, iconography, and social history are among the methods applied to material and textual evidence, together shining new light on the display of rulership in medieval Iberia.

Contributors are Ana Cabrera Lafuente, María Judith Feliciano, Julie A. Harris, Jitske Jasperse, Therese Martin, Pamela A. Patton, Ana Rodríguez, and Nancy L. Wicker.
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Therese Martin (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, 2000) is a Tenured Researcher at the Instituto de Historia, CSIC, Madrid. She is the PI of The Medieval Iberian Treasury in Context: Collections, Connections, and Representations on the Peninsula and Beyond (2019-2022).
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1 Beyond the Treasury of San Isidoro: a Tale of Two Projects
Therese Martin

2 Caskets of Silver and Ivory from Diverse Parts of the World: Strategic Collecting for an Iberian Treasury

Therese Martin

3 Narrating the Treasury: What Medieval Iberian Chronicles Choose to Recount about Luxury Objects
Ana Rodríguez

4 Textiles from the Museum of San Isidoro (León): New Evidence for Re-Evaluating Their Chronology and Provenance
Ana Cabrera Lafuente

5 Sovereign, Saint, and City: Honor and Reuse of Textiles in the Treasury of San Isidoro (Leon)
María Judith Feliciano

6 Between León and the Levant: the Infanta Sancha’s Altar as Material Evidence for Medieval History
Jitske Jasperse

7 Demons and Diversity in León
Pamela A. Patton

8 Jews, Real And Imagined, at San Isidoro De León and Beyond
Julie A. Harris

9 The Scandinavian Container at San Isidoro, León, in the Context of Viking Art and Society
Nancy L. Wicker


From students to advanced specialists interested in medieval history, art history, women’s history, social history, rulership, material culture, Muslim-Christian interchange, Viking art, Iberia during the central Middle Ages.
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