National Stereotyping, Identity Politics, European Crises


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The articulation of collective identity by means of a stereotyped repertoire of exclusionary characterizations of Self and Other is one of the longest-standing literary traditions in Europe and as such has become part of a global modernity. Recently, this discourse of Othering and national stereotyping has gained fresh political virulence as a result of the rise of “Identity Politics”. What is more, this newly politicized self/other discourse has affected Europe itself as that continent has been weathering a series of economic and political crises in recent years. The present volume traces the conjunction between cultural and literary traditions and contemporary ideologies during the crisis of European multilateralism.

Contributors: Aelita Ambrulevičiūtė, Jürgen Barkhoff, Stefan Berger, Zrinka Blažević, Daniel Carey, Ana María Fraile, Wulf Kansteiner, Joep Leerssen, Hercules Millas, Zenonas Norkus, Aidan O’Malley, Raúl Sánchez Prieto, Karel Šima, Luc Van Doorslaer,Ruth Wodak
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Jürgen Barkhoff is Professor of German and Vice-Provost/Chief Academic Officer of the University of Dublin. His main research is on literary anthropology, question of identity in Europe and Swiss literature.

Joep Leerssen is Professor of European Studies at the University of Ansterdam and part-time research professor at the University of Maastricht. His research focuses on national stereotyping and the comparative and cultural history of national thought and national movements in Europe.
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Jürgen Barkhoff and Joep Leerssen

PART 1: History and Identity Politics

1 Confronting the Other/Perceiving the Self
National Historiographies and National Stereotypes in Twentieth-Century Europe
Stefan Berger
2 Claiming a Great Ancient Imperial Past as an Identity Element of a Small Modern Nation
The Case of Lithuania
Zenonas Norkus and Aelita Ambruleviit
3 The Longue durée of Brexit
Politics, Literature and the British Past
Daniel Carey

PART 2: Identity Politics of the Neo-Right

4 From Identity Politics to the Identitarian Movement
The Europeanisation of Cultural Stereotypes?
Karel Šima
5 Re/nationalising EU-rope
National Identities, Right-Wing Populism, and Border- and Body-Politics
Ruth Wodak

PART 3: Strategies of Othering

6 The Camp and the Home
Europe as Myth and Metaphor
Joep Leerssen
7 The EU and the East-West Paradox
The Case of Greece and Turkey
Hercules Millas
8 The Image of the Wall
The Antemurale Christianitatis Myth from an Imagological ­Perspective
Zrinka Blaževi

PART 4: Stereotyping in the Media

9 Prime Time Nationalism
Patterns of Prejudice in tv Crime Fiction
Wulf Kansteiner
10 Stereotyping by Default in Media Transfer
Luc van Doorslaer
11 The Image of Spain in the Eyes of Austrian, Flemish, French, Italian, Polish and Bulgarian Facebook Users
Text-Linguistic Opinion-Mining for Detecting and Analysing National Stereotypes
Raúl Sánchez Prieto

PART 5: The Economic Crisis in Literature

12 Resilient Stereotypes in Recent Crisis Novels from Spain
Ana María Fraile
13 Virtually There
Spectral Ireland and European Stereotypes in the Novels of Paul Murray
Aidan O’Malley

Humanities / European Studies students, staff, and libraries; academics with an interest in identity politics, processes of stereotyping and othering, literary representations and recent European history
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