Plato’s Timaeus

Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium Platonicum Pragense


Plato's 'Timaeus' brings together a number of studies from both leading Plato specialists and up-and-coming researchers from across Europe. The contributions cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from the literary form of the work to the ontology of sense perception and the status of medicine in Timaeus' account. Although informed by a commitment to methodological diversity, the collection as a whole forms an organic unity, opening fresh perspectives on widely read passages, while shedding new light on less frequently discussed topics. The volume thus provides a valuable resource for students and researchers at all levels, whether their interest bears on the Timaeus as a whole or on a particular passage.
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Chad Jorgenson, Ph.D. (2015), University of Fribourg, studied in Fribourg, Berlin, and Cambridge, and was a visiting researcher in Paris, Rome, Munich, and Pisa. He has published articles on Ancient Greek and Classical Arabic philosophy, including the Embodied Soul in Plato's Later Thought (CUP, 2018)

Filip Karfík, Ph.D. (1996), Charles University in Prague, is Professor of Ancient Philosophy at the University of Fribourg. He has published monographs and articles on ancient and modern philosophy, including Die Beseelung des Kosmos (Saur, 2004).

Štěpán Špinka, Ph.D. (1998), Charles University in Prague, is Associate Professor of Ancient Philosophy at that university. He has published articles and monographs on Plato, including The Soul and Evil in the 'Phaedo' and The Soul and Beauty in the 'Phaedrus' (OIKOYMENH, 2009, in Czech).

Genos, chōra et guerre dans le prologue du Timée-Critias
Tanja Ruben

Die grosse Rede des Timaios – ein Beispiel wahrer Rhetorik?
Lucius Hartmann

Panteles zōion e pantelōs on: Vita, anima e movimento intellegibile nel Timeo (e nel Sofista)
Francesco Fronterotta

How to Make a Soul in the Timaeus
Luc Brisson

Planets and Time: A Timaean Puzzle
Karel Thein

The Day, the Month, and the Year: What Plato Expects from Astronomy
István M. Bodnár

Bodies and Space in the Timaeus
Ondřej Krása

Does Plato Advance a Bundle Theory in the Timaeus?
George Karamanolis

Matter Doesn’t Matter: On the Status of Bodies in the Timaeus (30a–32b and 53c–61c)
Gerd Van Riel

An Unnoticed Analogy between the Timaeus and the Laws
Marwan Rashed

What is Perceptible in Plato’s Timaeus?
Filip Karfík

Plato on Illness in the Phaedo, the Republic, and the Timaeus
Gábor Betegh

Responsibility, Causality, and Will in the Timaeus
Chad Jorgenson
All interested in Plato, also in ancient philosophy and science in general. Academic libraries, specialists, post-graduate students.
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