Disentangling Bare Nouns and Nominals Introduced by a Partitive Article


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This volume edited by Tabea Ihsane focuses on different aspects of the distribution, semantics, and internal structure of nominal constituents with a “partitive article” in its indefinite interpretation and of potentially corresponding bare nouns. It further deals with diachronic issues, such as grammaticalization and evolution in the use of “partitive articles”.
The outcome is a snapshot of current research into “partitive articles” and the way they relate to bare nouns, in a cross-linguistic perspective and on new data: the research covers noteworthy data (fieldwork data and corpora) from Standard languages - like French and Italian, but also German - to dialectal and regional varieties, including endangered ones like Francoprovençal.
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Tabea Ihsane, Ph.D. (2006), University of Geneva, is a lecturer and researcher at the Universities of Geneva and Zurich. She has several publications on partitive elements (pronouns, also L2 joint work; articles), including a monograph (Benjamins 2008, Syntax 2013, Linguistics 2020).
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1 Introduction
Tabea Ihsane

2 The Rise and Fall of Partitive Markers in Some Germanic Varieties
Thomas Strobel and Elvira Glaser

3 Bound To Be? Bare and Partitive-Marked Noun Phrases in Romance Languages and the Emergence of Prominence-Conditioned Patterns
Hagay Schurr

4 Why “Partitive Articles” Do Not Exist in (Old) Spanish
David Paul Gerards and Elisabeth Stark

5 Predicates of Personal Taste and Pancake Sentences in Brazilian Portuguese and French
Fabienne Martin, Janayna Carvalho and Artemis Alexiadou

6 Negation, des-Indefinites in French and Bare Nouns across Languages
Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin

7 Telicity, Specificity, and Complements with a Plural “Partitive Article” in French
Tabea Ihsane

8 A Protocol for Indefinite Determiners in Italian and Italo-Romance
Giuliana Giusti

9 “Partitive Articles” in Aosta Valley Francoprovençal—Old Questions and New Data
Elisabeth Stark and David Paul Gerards

All interested in the syntax-semantics interface of noun phrases with a “partitive article” and their corresponding bare nouns, as well as in diachronic issues, both in Romance and Germanic languages/dialects/varieties.
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