New Perspectives on Imagology


With this volume, the editors Katharina Edtstadler, Sandra Folie, and Gianna Zocco propose an extension of the traditional conception of imagology as a theory and method for studying the cultural construction and literary representation of national, usually European characters. Consisting of an instructive introduction and 21 articles, the book relates this sub-field of comparative literature to contemporary political developments and enriches it with new interdisciplinary, transnational, intersectional, and intermedial perspectives. The contributions offer [1] a reconsideration and update of the field’s methods, genres, and theoretical frames; [2] trans-/post-national, migratory, and marginalized perspectives beyond the European nation-state; [3] insights into geopolitical dichotomies such as Orient/Occident; [4] intersectional approaches considering the entanglements of national images with notions of age, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity/race; [5] investigations of the role of national images in visual narratives and music.
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Katharina Edtstadler, Dr. phil. (2020), University of Vienna, is a literary scholar whose main research interests focus on the interdisciplinary field of Medical Humanities. She has published two monographs and several articles on the topic.

Sandra Folie, Dr. phil. (2020), University of Vienna, is an assistant professor at the Department of Comparative Literature at that university. She has published a monograph, Beyond Ethnic Chick Lit (2022), and several articles on contemporary global women’s writing.

Gianna Zocco, Dr. phil. (2013), University of Vienna, is a Marie-Skłodowska-Curie fellow at the Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung, Berlin. She has published two monographs and several articles on African-American literature in relation to Germany, windows in literature, intertextuality, literature and spatial discourses.
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Introduction: New Perspectives on Imagology
Katharina Edtstadler, Sandra Folie and Gianna Zocco

Part 1: Reconsidering the European Conception of Imagology and Its Peripheries: Methods, Genres, Theoretical Frames

1 Enmity, Identity, Discourse: Imagology and the State
Joep Leerssen
2 Axiological Foundations of Imagology
Davor Dukić
3 Toward a Production-Oriented Imagology
Ulrike Kristina Köhler
4 Imagology and the Analysis of Identity Discourses in Late Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European Travel Writing by Charles Dickens and Karl Philipp Moritz
Sandra Vlasta

Part 2: Imagology beyond and across the European Nation-State: Trans-/Postnational, Migratory, and Marginalized Perspectives

5 The Fall of the Berlin Wall Transnational: Images and Stereotypes in Yadé Kara’s Selam Berlin and Paul Beatty’s Slumberland
Gianna Zocco
6 Immigration and Imagology, or Nationalisms Abandoned
Manfred Beller
7 Transnationalizing National Characterization: Meta-Images and the Centre-Periphery Dynamics in Spain and the South Slavic Region
Josip Kešić

Part 3: Of Orient/Occident and Other Geopolitical Dichotomies: Imagology and Its Systems of Cultural Mappings

8 Between Orient and Occident: The Construction of a Postimperial Turkish Identity in Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s Novel Huzur
Johanna Chovanec
9 European Ethnotypes in Chinese Words: The Translation and Negotiation of Some Western National Characters in Early Nineteenth-Century China
Federica Casalin
10 A Study on The Travel Journal and Pictures: Li Danlin’s Image of Foreign Lands and Cultures
Zhu Wenjun
11 “I have gotten used to the whites, but I tremble before the blacks!”: Fashioning Colonial Subjectivities in The Brave Rabbit in Africa
Kristína Kállay
12 The Myth of the Orient in Flaubert’s Voyage en Égypte and Bachmann’s Das Buch Franza
Walter Wagner

Part 4: Intersectional Approaches to Imagology: The Multiple Entanglements of Ethnotypes

13 Categories, Stereotypes, Images, and Intersectionality
Martina Thiele
14 Nationality as Intersectional Storytelling: Inventing the Parisienne
Maria Weilandt
15 A “Jezebel” or a Further “Madwoman in the Attic” in Caroline Lee Hentz’s The Planter’s Northern Bride
Karin Andersson
16 Images of Bosniac Women in Contemporary Antiwar Films: An Intersectional Analysis of Victim Feminism in Grbavica and In the Land of Blood and Honey
Ivana Drmić

Part 5: Imagology Intermedial: Beyond the Literary Text

17 National Images in Visual Narratives: The (Re)Presentation of National Characters in the Flemish Comic Series Suske en Wiske
Christine Hermann
18 #JeSuisAmatrice: Identity through a Landscape of Wounds; Toward a Geo-Imagology
Daniel Brandlechner
19 Singing the Dutch: An Extended Imagological Approach to Constructions of “Dutchness” in Late Eighteenth-Century Political Songs
Renée Vulto
20 “… the first singer, a born German”: Notions of Nationality as a Field of Conflict in Operatic Music of the 1770s
Andrea Horz
21 Blurring Stereotypes: “Aus dem Leben eines Tonkünstlers” as a Medium of Italian Musical Character around 1800
Carolin Krahn

Students and scholars of comparative literature, cultural studies, and anyone interested in the critical analysis of national images in literary and cultural products; academic/non-academic libraries with a focus on intercultural exchange.
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