An Overview of the Pre-suppression Society of Jesus in Spain 

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In An Overview of the Pre-suppression Society of Jesus in Spain, Patricia W. Manning offers a survey of the Society of Jesus in Spain from its origins in Ignatius of Loyola’s early preaching to the aftereffects of its expulsion. Rather than nurture the nascent order, Loyola’s homeland was often ambivalent. His pre-Jesuit freelance sermonizing prompted investigations. The young Society confronted indifference and interference from the Spanish monarchy and outright opposition from other religious orders. This essay outlines the order’s ministerial and pedagogical activities, its relationship with women and with royal institutions, including the Spanish Inquisition, and Spanish members’ roles in theological debates concerning casuistry, free will, and the immaculate conception. It also considers the impact of Jesuits’ non-religious writings.
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Patricia W. Manning, Ph.D. (Yale University, 2000) is Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Kansas. Her previous publications concerning the Jesuits in early modern Spain include Voicing Dissent in Seventeenth-Century Spain (Brill, 2009).
“Manning’s work merits attention from scholars at all levels of study interested in the Society of Jesus in Spain. For those new to the field, it includes a glossary of commonly used terms and applicable English equivalents, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. Her panoramic view of Jesuit activity across multiple social sectors is sure to appeal to experts in the discipline as well since she attends to major events and personages while illuminating the Jesuits’ presence in the popular imagination throughout the essay.”
Brandan Grayson, Anderson University. In: Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 76, No. 1 (Spring 2023), pp. 295–297.


An Overview of the Pre-Suppression Society of Jesus in Spain
Patricia W. Manning

 Glossary of Frequently Used Terms
 1 Introduction
 2 Ignatius of Loyola
 3 The Early Years of the Society of Jesus in Spain
 4 Borja and Mercurian’s Generalates
 5 Encounters with the Inquisition
 6 Admission Redux: Excluding Conversos from the Society
 7 Aiding Catholics under Siege
 8 The Question of Religiously Minded Women
 9 Theological Debates
 10 Jesuits’ Roles in the Inquisition in the Seventeenth Century
 11 Jesuit Aprobación Writers
 12 Pedagogy
 13 Preaching
 14 Publications by Jesuits
 15 Jesuit Celebrations
 16 Domestic Life in the Society
 17 Seventeenth-Century Crises
 18 Controlling Chocolate and Tobacco Usage in the Society
 19 The Immaculate Conception, Part 2: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
 20 Publications Unfavorable to the Order
 21 The Expulsion
 22 The Aftermath
 23 Conclusion
Readers interested in the Society of Jesus, textual production by Jesuits, the Society’s ties to women, early modern theological polemics, and early modern Spain, including undergraduate and graduate students.
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