World Christianity

Methodological Considerations


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World Christianity publications proliferate but the issue of methodology has received little attention. World Christianity: Methodological Considerations addresses this lacuna and explores the methodological ramifications of the World Christianity turn. In twelve chapters scholars from various academic backgrounds (anthropology, religious studies, history, missiology, intercultural studies, theology, and patristics) as well as of multiple cultural and national belongings investigate methodological issues (e.g. methods, use of sources, choosing a unit of analysis, terminology, conceptual categories,) relevant to World Christianity debates. In a closing chapter the editors Frederiks and Nagy converge the findings and sketch the outlines of what they coin as a ‘World Christianity approach’, a multidisciplinary and multiple perspective approach to study Christianity/ies’ plurality and diversity in past and present.
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Martha Frederiks is Professor for the Study of World Christianity at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her research interests are African Christianity/ies, mission history, and Christian-Muslim relations. With Nagy, she published Critical Readings in the History of Christian Mission (2020).

Dorottya Nagy is professor of missiology at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her research interests are migration, mission studies, Christianity in post-communist Europe, methodology, and theology. With Frederiks, she published Religion, Migration, and Identity (2016).
"this volume is a fine and instructive introduction to the rapidly changing field of World Christianity studies." - Henk Bakker, Amsterdam, in: Journal of European Baptist Studies, Volume 21.2 (2021).

Notes on Contributors
Martha Frederiks and Dorottya Nagy

1 World Christianity: Contours of an Approach
Martha Frederiks

2 Recalling the Term ‘World Christianity’: Excursions into Worldings of Literature, Philosophy, and History
Dorottya Nagy

3 Decoloniality and Interculturality in World Christianity: A Latin American Perspective
Raimundo C. Barreto Jr.

4 The Interpretations, Problems and Possibilities of Missionary Sources in the History of Christianity in Africa
Emma Wild-Wood

5 Methodological Reflections on the Study of Chinese Christianities
Joseph Tse-Hei Lee and Christie Chui-Shan Chow

6 Interfaith Relations within the Emerging Field of World Christianity
S. Wesley Ariarajah

7 Thai Comparative Theologizing: Material and Methodological Reflections
Kari Storstein Haug

8 Interreligious Dialogue: A Case Study Approach in Respect to the Vatican and the World Council of Churches
Douglas Pratt

9 Conquering Rome: Constructing a Global Christianity in the Face of Terror. A Case Study into the Representations of the Beheading of Twenty-One Migrant Workers in January 2015
Lucien van Liere

10 Multiple Religious Belonging and Identity in Contemporary Nigeria: Methodological Reflections for World Christianity
Corey L. Williams

11 Augustine’s Approach to Heresies as an Aid to Understanding His Ideas on Interaction between Christian Traditions
Paul J.J. van Geest

12 The Rise of ‘New Generation’ Churches in Kerala Christianity
Stanley John

13 Methodological Considerations: Convergences
Martha Frederiks and Dorottya Nagy

All interested in the study of Christianity worldwide as well as scholars from religious studies, theology, history, or anthropology, concerned with methodology.
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