Home-Based Work and Home-Based Workers (1800-2021)


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the home as a workplace became a widely discussed topic. However, for almost 300 million workers around the world, paid work from home was not news. Home-Based Work and Home-Based Workers (1800-2021) includes contributions from scholars, activists and artists addressing the past and present conditions of home-based work. They discuss the institutional and legal histories of regulations for these workers, their modes of organization and resistance, as well as providing new insights on contemporary home-based work in both traditional and developing sectors.

Contributors are: Jane Barrett, Janine Berg, Eloisa Betti, Chris Bonner, Eileen Boris, Patricia Coñoman Carrilo, Janhavi Dave, Saniye Dedeoğlu, Laura K Ekholm, Jenna Harvey, Frida Hållander, K. Kalpana, Srabani Maitra, Indrani Mazumdar, Gabriela Mitidieri, Silke Neunsinger, Malin Nilsson, Narumol Nirathron, Åsa Norman, Leda Papastefanaki, Archana Prasad, Maria Tamboukou, Nina Trige Andersen, and Marlese von Broembsen.
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Malin Nilsson is a teacher and researcher at the Economic History Department at Lund University, Sweden. Her current research is focused around gender, textile production and early processes of industrialization. Her doctoral thesis, entitled "Taking Work Home: Labour Dynamics of Women Industrial Homeworkers in Sweden during the Second Industrial Revolution” (2015), won the Rudolph Meidner Award for studies in the history of the labour movement.

Indrani Mazumdar is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi. Her research focus has been on gender, labour, migration in India. Her publications include 'Homebased Workers in 21st century India', (CWDS, 2018) and Women Workers and Globalization: Emergent Contradictions in India Stree, (Kolkata 2007),which contains a chapter-study of home-based workers in Delhi.

Silke Neunsinger is Director of Research at the Swedish Labour Movement Archives and Library. She gained her Ph.D.in 2001 at the department of History Uppsala University and since 2009, she works as Associate Professor in Economic History. She has worked extensively on feminist labour history, global labour history and methodology. She is the editor of the Swedish labour history journal, Arbetarhistoria.
All interested in social and economic history, and especially in the past and present of home-based work and homebased workers.
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