Funding International Development Organizations

AIIB Yearbook of International Law 2021


Financing development requires access to financial resources. The AIIB Yearbook of International Law Volume 4 explores the role of international organizations in the development of local capital markets, their legal status under public international law and selected domestic jurisdictions, as well as innovations in resource mobilization and organizational structures. The volume collects insights from distinguished professionals who shed new light on the question of how international development organizations can raise the funds they need to tackle global challenges like the climate crisis, digitalization, or sustainable development. Only by addressing these challenges will international development organizations be able to fully deliver on their development mandate.
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Christopher Smith is Chief Counsel, Private Sector Investment & Treasury Operations, in the Legal Department of the AIIB.

Xuan Gao, Ph.D., is Chief Counsel, Institutional and Administrative, in the Legal Department of the AIIB.

Thomas Dollmaier is Legal Associate in the Legal Department of the AIIB, and formerly Ph.D. researcher in Public International Law and Law & Development at Humboldt University Berlin and visiting scholar at Columbia Law School.

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1 Funding International Development Organizations
  Christopher Smith, Xuan Gao, and Thomas Dollmaier

Part 1
The Role of International Organizations in the Development of Local Capital Markets
2 Development of Domestic Capital Markets The ebrd Experience
  Elena Sulima

3 The Role of Development Finance Institutions in Developing and Deepening Local Capital Markets A Case Study of Masala Bonds and Maharaja Bonds Issued by the International Finance Corporation
  Purva Chadha

4 Inspiring Opening-Up, Innovation and Transparency International Organizations in the Development of China’s Debt Capital Market
  Yixin (Christine) Chen

Part 2
The Legal Status of International Organizations
5 Immunity for Multilateral Development Banks in the United States Assessing Litigation Exposure Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Jam v. International Finance Corporation
  Christopher P. Moore and Paul C. Kleist

6 Regulation of Offerings by International Financial Institutions under the U.S. Federal Securities Laws
  Paul Dudek

7 International Financial Institutions and China The Legal Status of International Financial Institutions and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank under the Law of the People’s Republic of China
  Minny Siu and James Guan

Part 3
Innovations in Resource Mobilization
8 International Financial Institutions Paradigms of Organizational Structures, Funding Structures and Innovative Funding Modalities
  Gerd Droesse

9 The Green Climate Fund A Unique Financing Vehicle among International Organizations
  Douglas Leys and Rosanna Anderson

10 Developments in the Labelled Bond Concept More than Just Green
  Heikki Cantell

11 Smart Infrastructure The New Sustainable Development Paradigm
  Arthur M. Mitchell

Part 4
Innovations in Structure and Development
12 The Flood of the Private Sector Funding in Development and usaid’s Maneuvers to Ride the Wave
  Gayle Girod

13 Multilateral Development Banks as Agents of Private Contract
  Ilias Bantekas

14 2020 aiib Law Lecture The Judicial Role of the International Court of Justice in the Development of International Law
  H.E. Judge Xue Hanqin

15 2020 aiib Legal Conference Report
  Georgia Papalexiou

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