The Origin and Early Development of the Zhou Changes


The Zhou Changes, better known in the West as I Ching, is one of the masterpieces of world literature.
This book, the climax of more than forty years of research in Chinese archaeology, explores the text’s origins in the oracle-bone and milfoil divinations of Bronze Age China and how it transformed over the course of the Zhou dynasty into the first of the Chinese classics.
The book provides an in-depth survey of the theory and practice of divination to demonstrate how the hexagram and line statements of the text were produced and how they were understood at the time.
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Edward L. Shaughnessy is the Creel Distinguished Service Professor of Early China at the University of Chicago. He has published more than 20 books and over 200 scholarly articles on all aspects of ancient China’s literary heritage.
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Part 1 The Context

1 The Zhou Changes: Received Text and Early Manuscripts

2 The Philosophy of Divination in Ancient China

3 Turtle-Shell Divination

4 Milfoil Divination

5 Milfoil Divination with the Zhou Changes

6 The Poetic Imagination

Part 2 The Text

7 The Hexagram

8 The Hexagram Statement

9 The Line Statement

10 Intra-hexagram and Inter-hexagram Structures of Hexagram Texts

11 The Hexagram Sequence

12 From Divination to Philosophy

Works Cited
Index of Zhou Changes Lines
Index of Zhou Changes Hexagram and Line Statements Cited
General Index
Readers interested in all periods of Chinese intellectual history, especially ancient China; also the many people throughout the world for whom the book is a constant source of inspiration.
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