The Libri Feudorum (the ‘Books of Fiefs’)

An Annotated English Translation of the Vulgata recension with Latin Text


The Libri Feudorum (the ‘books of fiefs’) are the earliest written body of feudal customs in Europe, codified in northern Italy c.1100-1250, which gave rise to feudal law as a branch of civil law. Their role in shaping modern ideas of feudalism has aroused an intense debate among medievalists, leading to deep re-thinking of the ‘feudal’ vocabulary and categories.
This book offers an up-to-date English translation with a working Latin text introduced by a historical and historiographical overview of the Libri, thereby providing a valuable tool to understanding the long-standing importance of this collection over nine centuries of European history.
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Attilio Stella, Ph.D. (2014, Università di Trento), is a researcher at the Università di Verona. He has been research fellow at the University of St Andrews, Tel Aviv University and ENS Paris. He has published several articles and book chapters on feudal law and lordship in medieval Italy and France.
Preface and Acknowledgements

1 The Libri feudorum in Modern Historiography

2 The Formation of the Libri feudorum and Its Context
 1 Before the Libri feudorum: Milan and Lombardy in the Eleventh Century
 2 The Early Tracts (c. 1100–1136)
 3 Fiefs and Vassals at the Time of the antiqua
 4 The Romanisation of the Fief: Obertus de Orto and the antiqua
 5 The Intermediate Recension Known as ardizzoniana
 6 The Accursian Recension and the vulgata
 7 The capitula extraordinaria

3 The Afterlife of the Libri feudorum
 1 The Libri feudorum and the ius commune from the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century
 2 The Libri feudorum in Late Medieval and Early Modern France
 3 The Libri feudorum and Feudalism: Open Questions

4 Notes to Translation

Libri feudorum, compilatio vulgata: Book 1

Libri feudorum, compilatio vulgata: Book 2

Appendix 1: Capitula Extraordinaria Iacobi de Ardizone
Appendix 2: Capitula Extraordinaria Baraterii
Appendix 3: Edictum de beneficiis Regni Italici
Appendix 4: Synoptic Table
The Latin text will be a useful research tool for postgraduates and experienced scholars, the translation and the introductory chapters are a valuable teaching tool also at an undergraduate level.
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