Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature


Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature examines a neglected yet crucial field: the importance of casuistical thought and discourse in the development of literary genres in early modern Spain. Faced with the momentous changes wrought by discovery, empire, religious schism, expanding print culture, consolidation of legal codes and social transformation, writers sought innovation within existing forms (the novella, the byzantine romance, theatrical drama) and created novel genres (most notably, the picaresque). These essays show how casuistry, with its questioning of example and precept, and meticulous concern with conscience and the particularities of circumstance, is instrumental in cultivating the subjectivity, rhetorical virtuosity and spirit of inquiry that we have come to associate with the modern novel.
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Marlen Bidwell-Steiner is a Senior Lecturer of Romance Studies, University of Vienna. She finished her habilitation in 2015 and her Ph.D. in 2007 and holds a grant of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) for Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature (2019-2023). Last monograph: Das Grenzwesen Mensch. Vormoderne Naturphilosophie und Literatur im Dialog mit postmoderner Gendertheorie (de Gruyter).

Michael Scham is Associate Professor at the Institute for Language and Literature, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim). He holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University (1997), and is author of Lector ludens: The Representation of Games and Play in Cervantes (Toronto, UP).

Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature
 A Neglected Relationship
Marlen Bidwell-Steiner and Michael Scham

Justice, Blindfolded: Law and Crime in the Celestina
Marlen Bidwell-Steiner

Artful Rhetoric: The Case of Lázaro de Tormes
Edward H. Friedman

The Intrusion of an Apocryphal Guzmán as a (Legal, Moral and Literary) ‘Case’ in Mateo Alemán’s Authentic Second Part
David Alvarez Roblin

Theological Casuistry and Casuistical Preposterousness: The Fallacious Cases of La pícara Justina
David Mañero Lozano

The Exploration of Circumstance: Casuistry and the Emergence of the Novela Bizantina in Alonso Núñez de Reinoso’s Historia de los amores de Clareo y Florisea, y de los trabajos de Ysea (1552)
Anita Traninger

Comic Casuistry and Common Sense: Sancho Panza’s Governorship
Michael Scham

The Lawyers’ Tales. Legal Casuistry and the Spanish Golden Age Novella (Cristóbal Suárez de Figueroa, Alonso de Castillo Solórzano)
Mechthild Albert

Opinion, Idolatry, and Indigenous Consciousness: Bartolomé de las Casas’ Approach to Human Sacrifice
José Cárdenas Bunsen

Staging Penance: Scenes of Sacramental Confession in Early Modern Spanish Drama
Hilaire Kallendorf

Renaissance and Early Modern scholars and students interested in the rise of imaginative literature and its embeddedness in pre-modern Spanish society. It will also appeal to Religious Studies scholars.
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